Why Another Page 1 in Google Will Change Your Life

Last Update: May 04, 2019

I confess. I have been guilty of not adhering to my promise in adding content at least once a week to my website. That doesn't mean that I have forgotten how to write.

On the contrary, this post was the third post that I have written since joining WA to get the all cherished Page One, Position One of Google. Yahoo also gave this post the same spot!

I took the summer off last year to build a garden in my back yard and do some home improvements that have been needed for quite some time.

Once you stop doing the things that you have been doing for a while it is very hard to pick the ball back up and start rolling again. At least that has been the case for me of late.

I was lucky enough to get selected in Kyle's Super Affiliate Challenge, all my procrastination vanished. I was overjoyed in being selected to say the least. It also filled me with a bit of fear since I have been out of practice at researching, writing, marketing, etc.

I was reading some blogs at WA from my notifications stream in my email service. These blogs are very inspiring and lift my spirits and encourage me to do the same. So once I was notified that I needed to write two keyword rich posts for my first months homework lesson Enter your own correction... to decide what I was going to write about...

This coincided with my patio reconstruction/home improvement project I was currently in the middle of. My daughter graduates from High school in May and my wife has invited her family for graduation at our house. We already have a covered patio. But my wife desired a "screen-in" patio, because of our mosquito problem in southern Louisiana.

I constructed a cover over our patio years ago. Our patio is on the side of the house adjacent to our two-car carport. My patio also houses the two city meters, Electric and Gas. But it wasn't designed for a complete wrap-a-round screen protection because the city meter-readers must have access to reading the meters.

Problem solved!

I built two complete walls on the north and south side of patio. At the same time I had started writing my first of two posts for my homework assignment. I would build a little, then I would write a little. LOL. I had to keep rereading my post to get on the same mindset that I was in when I stopped writing.

Enter your own correction... finished my first post and published it and asked Google (Google Console) to please index it. 24 hours later, my post was Page one, Position One in Google! See below

Two days later my post was no longer at position one...hmm, It had started doing the Google dance. I began to get the fever again at writing for my website. This is what happens to you when you are congratulated by the search engine.

Last count I saw my post at Position 7. Now it has been about two weeks since my post was originally published. In the mean time, my patio project has turned out beautiful, complete, and accessible to the meter- reader. (I used wooden screen door) for entry into my patio, thus, allowing access to meters. The screen doors also have a spring that automatically keeps door shut!

Today I glanced at Jaaxy to see where my post had come to rest... And it was back at position one in Google, but also position one in Yahoo and position 7 in Bing!

I am felling very blessed and humbled. My second post is still waiting to be viewed by Google and who knows what the results will be.

For now, All I can say is that I can't stress enough to all my WA friends to keep writing, keep publishing, and keep pushing on!


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mcknisu Premium
wow...thanks for the great direction...Keep writing, keep publishing and pushing on...
FKelso Premium
You have the right attitude and you are moving forward...just keep it up. I'm going to read your post now; will leave a comment.
kmer6 Premium
Thank you, Fran, for reading my blog and also for your fantastic comment! You are the bomb!
Karin13 Premium
Congratulations, Ken! That is awesome. Keep up the outstanding work not only on your site, but also on your home and garden! :)

Best wishes,
Karin 😁
kmer6 Premium
Thank you, Karin. I wanted to include pictures of my patio before and after, but they are all on my phone! Oh well, maybe next blog post. Thank you again, Karin.
oscarndayiz Premium
Great to hear from You....

Vey glad for you to have such a ranking page!
I wish I knew how to....My pages are ranked but the position is shameful though I do hunt for key-words in Jaaxy and really the average and QSR are always within the standards taught here at WA...

Crying for myself...! But happy for YOUUUUUU

RosanaHart Premium Plus
It can take some time to get that. I went and read your profile and I see that you have achieved a great deal. WA will come along too, just wait and see. No page rank is shameful.
kmer6 Premium
Hey Oscar, try selecting the keywords that are the "low hanging fruit" - that is... Select a long-tail keyword with a very, very low QSR. If it is "0" then you will get Position One, Page One of Google. Try it, you'll see.

Thank you, brother, for reading my blog.