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Last Update: June 03, 2019

If anyone ever asks you where to find the best free website builder, you tell them you can find one at Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short. Yes, boys and girls, WA has their own version of a website builder program - including all 4119 WordPress Themes!

There is even a video that shows Kyle, one of the owners at WA, create a WordPress website in less than 30 seconds!

I don't know of any website builder program, other than the one used at WA, that can create a website in under 30 seconds. I'm talking about a website that is complete, ready for someone to add a domain name, their first blog post, images, and submit it to Google and Bing.

I looked it up on Google and NO ONE, except WA, has such a program. Not Wix, not Weebly, Builderall, GoDaddy, no one.

WordPress is becoming the go-to website for online business because it is so easy to use. Even a newbie with no knowledge of website design can throw up a website in minutes and go live for the whole world to see!

There is no coding to perform so it doesn't take a computer wiz to build it. Things like adding content, upload images, adding links to products or other pages, customizing the themes to fit your look and feel of your business or brand, and the best part - it is all free!

There are currently 4119 different themes to choose from. Each one is a little different as far as the style, customization features, plugins already installed, colors, etc. Whether it is going to go an e-commerce site, business website, a blog style website or products to sell, WordPress has the perfect theme for you.

WA is a full and complete online platform that not only builds your website for you but hosts your website as well. You need a domain name, no problem. You can get a domain name from WA too. If you have already purchased a domain name for your website from another dealer, again, no problem. You just simple go to your dealer where you purchased your domain and have their servers point to WA and wala, its done!

Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that does more for you than any other online platform in existence. Not only can you build a website here but you can bring another website that you already have at another host to WA.

Wealthy Affiliate also furnishes training for everyone. Whether you are a newbie with no experience, or an advanced online marketer looking for advanced knowledge and reach, it is all here.

WA is all about making its members successful regardless of the niche that they have chosen. They are a community of entrepreneurs that is over one million strong! That tells me right there that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam!

There is a "Live Chat" section that has online entrepreneurs on there answering questions, support, and helping other members 24 hours a day. The training modules to get someone up to speed to begin earning an online income in a short period of time are truly phenomenal. More about the training in a moment.

There is a "Live training webinar every Friday evening at 7 pm CDT that covers everything from new techniques to how to understand Google Webmaster Tools. I have yet to watch a Live Training webinar without learning something new.

The benefits of hosting your website here is a long list of incentives that are included with your website. Any other host and these benefits are add-ons that cost more money. But at WA, they are already included. Plus you can always contact the owners, Kyle and Carson, 24/7, with any questions.

Things like email addresses, automatic backups of your website daily, Spam guard, Site speed, SSL certification, plus many more. You can't go wrong with choosing WA for your website. I'll explain some more of the many included features in a moment.

WA Has Two Levels OF Membership

WA is not about taking advantage of its members. They are solely in business to make you, the member, successful in your online business. The best thing about having only two levels of membership is that there are no up-sells that is common with other host or website builder programs.

Everyone starts for FREE! Yes, this is not a typo. Everyone starts for free. You get two free websites with your choice of the 4119 different themes available. Included with the two free websites is 10 lessons on building your niche website, use of the FREE keyword tool, Jaaxy, and how to use it, plus a full seven days of full access to everything that WA offers to its premium members.

By allowing everyone to join for free (no credit card necessary) gives you the ability to decide whether owning and operating an online business is the right fit for you. You get seven full days of many features like personal messaging to other members of WA, access to Live webinars and live chat, your own blogging platform on WA, recurring income by referring other people to join WA, plus many, many more benefits.

The second level of membership is Premium level, which does cost money. It cost only $49 each month but it is packed full of many more free online tools and more training video's to always keep you updated with the latest new techniques and what changes are going on online.

Just a sample of the differences between the two levels is as follows:

As you can see from the table above that WA offers more than any other membership site online. This is just a fraction of the features that are included with belonging to WA.

You want to learn how to make videos and open your own channel on YouTube? No problem. WA has the training to get your video online seamlessly and without any problems or errors.

WA Training Modules

As I said earlier there is no better up to date training than what WA furnishes -

As if Training is not enough to quince your thirst, what about the recurring income that you can earn from referring others to join WA? See the image below for recurring income.

I look forward to answering any question or concerns you may have about this website platform. welcome your comments or suggestion.

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FKelso Premium Plus
It has everything we need.

Is this your WA review?
kmer6 Premium
Actually, Fran, it can be. But this was one of the requirements of the SAC to post once a week on your WA blog. I was rewatching one of the training videos from Jay, and he demonstrated how WA blog post gets indexed just like our website posts. I thought, hmm, maybe I'll do a post about the awesome WA website builder. I want everyone to know what an awesome place WA is.
FKelso Premium Plus
Good idea...
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Wow, sounds like quite a place!
kmer6 Premium
Thank you, Rosana, and yes, you are right. It is an awesome place.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Ken.
You wrote:

"I looked it up on Google and NO ONE, except WA, has such a program. Not Wix, not Weebly, Builderall, GoDaddy, no one."

Can you provide the link or just tell me the keyword you used to find this information. It would be of value to me.

Thanking you in advance from Canada.

kmer6 Premium
Paul, I googled build a website in less than 30 seconds and the only articles that came up were posts from WA members. I had already written a review of website builder programs like Wix, Weebly, WebNow, etc, so I was pretty confident that Wa is the only platform that advertises this fact. WordPress is an easy build, you just upload a theme to your site and depending on how fast the host gets the domain name on its servers the website is ready to use.
I had a site on Hostgator and it took about 25-30 minutes before my site was live. The fact is that WA does everything that it says it does - and more. Thank you for asking, Paul. I hope this answered your question.
PMindra Premium
Good morning, Ken.

It does and I thank you. We both know that it is the best but it's not listed when you google the top 10. Perhaps in time.

Cheers and thank you for your response.