Keep An Opened Mind To Possibilities

Last Update: February 26, 2019

Wheneveryou are viewing mail, messages, or SM posts, try to keep an open mindto the possibilities...

Thelast thing that I would have expected was receiving a message like the one above in my email today.

Namecheapused to be the recommended go-to Domain dealer for securing ourdomain names to our websites here at WA. This was before WA startedproviding the better option that we all benefit from today.

Iam sure I'm not the only person here to receive such a message, buthence my surprise when I opened my mail today.

"Asone of a select group of Namecheap customers, we'd love to welcomeyou on board as a member of our new CustomerInsight Forum."

The message went on to say that nomore than once a month or so I would be asked to give my feedback oncertain specific areas that will help us design better experience forall our customers.

WOW, I'm touched! I was thinkingthey really value my advice. Then I read the next paragraph...

"You'llalso get a chance to earn exclusive coupons and other thank-you giftsin exchange for your valued feedback."

Then it dawned on me, hey, self,this is a pretty good sales letter. It started out getting myattention by asking if I would like to join their team.

It then continued asking for my helpin evaluating their services so as they may make them better. Kindastroking my pride to get a call to action.

And then lastly, they sweeten theoffer with exclusive coupons and/or other thank-you gifts for myparticipation.

I can't lie to you. At first, I wasfeeling proud, like they really thought my advice was of value tothem.

But the more I read my eyes wereopened. I thought, HEY, this is a fairly good sales letter templatethat I could possible use later for my own online business.

So, the moral of the story, alwaysview information with an open mind and never with preconceived ideas.

I am curious to how many other members here received the same promo in their email today?

To Your Success!


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codevonish Premium
Competition will do the trick. Always treat your customers with respect.
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

Swangirl Premium
I received something like that a few weeks ago. I don't remember where. It was similar in nature though.

Good for you. You found something useful in it that you can apply to your own business!