Getting Page One Without A Keyword

Last Update: June 11, 2019

Robert, alias boomergp08, has been telling us the truth all along, I have always followed Robert for his superior understandings of online marketing and yet again, I have found more proof that his wisdom far exceeds my imagination.

Actually, Kyle is the one to give the credit too because in his wisdom, Robert learned that a webpage can get ranked by words that weren't intended to be the focal keywords. See the screenshot of my proof below.

Above is the screenshot of Google ranking my webspage at #4 position.

Proof is in the search results I have done recently when I went searching for a different keyword term to use in a new post. Humbled, but yet exquistly joyful, I discovered my post in Position Four, Page One of Google - under a keyword term that I wasn't even trying to rank for!

It all started this afternoon... To make a long story short, I went searching for some keyword terms that I am considering to write my next website post on. I have several terms saved in my go-to keyword tool Jaaxy, and I was testing each one as a search term in Google to see how many websites ranking for that term.

This test was more for me to see if Jaaxy was really giving me the right information on my search queries.

Now given, I'm not the sharpest tack in the bunch, but this ain't my first rodeo either.

I submitted the keyword term, in parenthesis, "how to use a keyword tool" to Google. Google came back to tell me there were only FOUR websites ranking for that term. Hmmm, according to Jaaxy there are fourteen websites ranking for this keyword term.

Now let me be clear, NO, this is not my primary keyword term to use in my next post. It is going to be a section inside the post in a heading, "how to use a keyword tool". When I scrolled down the page (past the ads) My website is listed in the fourth postion - under this keyword term!

I was like, WOW! Are you kidding me? The name of my webpage (and keyword term) is "These Off Site SEO Techniques Makes Ranking 10X Better". The fourth section (heading) inside the post is how to use a keyword tool. My webpage is ranking in fourth position on a keyword term that I wasn't trying to rank for.

Let credit go to Kyle and to Robert for opening my eyes that quality content gets rewarded. Just because I was really shooting for page one, position one in Google for the keyword term
"Off Site SEO Techniques", I actually won the 'pole postion'. Not nearly as much traffic, but page one all the same.

A few more 'pole positions' like this and who knows, Maybe Vegas isn't a pipe dream afterall...

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ecomtom Premium
Awesome. Congrats. Tom
Cdelahoz Premium
Congrats! Yea Kyle and Boomer... those guys are great
terrycarroll Premium
I have also been an avid follower of Robert pretty much since I joined WA in 2015, (and obviously Kyle as well)

There are so many keyword opportunities both in the header/sub-header and in the body of the article that all contribute to the target of getting traffic.

Many thanks for sharing this one, Ken.

boomergp08 Premium
I remember in 2014 when I learned from Kyle's Bootcamp training on keywords that ALL of the content we write gets indexed and can be used as keywords.

Then Kyle says to just write content because not every single post needs to be focused on a keyword. We get ranked on our content before our keyword.

What I have shared with you and to the community many times was also brought to light in a post by Eddy Salomon a couple of years ago.
Vickic3 Premium
Well done Keywords are king :)