What benefit is user registration?

Last Update: October 26, 2015

Hello everyone

I keep receiving emails saying 'New user registration on your site', followed by their username and email address.

What benefit does this give me and what do I do with all of these users?


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KatieMac Premium
The only user should be you or if you have appointed someone, please go with Marions guidance
mijareze Premium
Thanks Marion.
rosieM Premium
I agree with Marion....this should be fixed a.s.a.p. or you'll get hit with soooooo many bots.....
Sheila50 Premium
I am assuming that you are speaking about someone that has joined WA from your site or with you affiliate link? If that is the case then you want to work with them and welcome them.
I have set up messages that are sent out on a regular basis to new people and you can do that when you click on the plane. Go to messages and develop your own message to go to them.
Hope that helps
Then again I could be mistaken!
MarionBlack Premium
Oooops! You need to take the check mark out of the box 'Anyone can register' on the Settings==> General page in your dashboard. You may also want to delete the Meta widget.
kirby34 Premium
Thanks for the advice I've now corrected the settings.