Any idea why my website is not centre to the pic screenmonitor?

Last Update: October 21, 2015


I'd really appreciate if you can check my site as on my screen the website is formed to the left of the screen instead of being central and it makes it look unprofessional. Because it's to the left it means that down the entire right hand side of the screen is blank.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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kirby34 Premium
This is how it looks on my laptop and pc ie moved over to the left with a blank strip down the side. This strip isn't a primary or side bar as I've used them with widgets and ads
KatieMac Premium
Does your theme support only on column
Loes Premium
There is more not quite oke, your header is not displaying right too, the black margin is not here though
Your theme is anjirai?
Quincy17677 Premium
Hi, kirby34. I just looked at your site and on my screen there is a large black margin on the left. Everything else looks great but that blank space is a bit distracting. Are you sure your theme doesn't include a column on the left?
DIGGER12 Premium
Hi I actually like the side bars on the right, and the content on the left... that would eliminate the problem of having a blank side of the screen on the right, and makes it easier to read, and to me looks better....
I find the sidebar on the left distracting ... just my two cents :-)