Your OEC Starter Training Guide & 10 Day Training Schedule

Last Update: September 11, 2018

This is your free Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training guide and schedule to help you maximize your learning here at Wealthy Affiliate.

When you first get started here, you will be introduced to a lot at once. There is so much here to learn, interact with and do.

The most important piece to Wealthy Affiliate is the training. The training is what helps you become an affiliate marketer for the first time or helps you improve your skills to be a better one. The training and associated actions is where the money is!

Brand New Affiliate Marketer

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, you should start learning with the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) course. The 10 starter lessons will introduce you to how affiliate marketing works and how to navigate Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, there are two affiliate marketing training courses to choose from here. The recommended course for beginners is the OEC course. Learn more at Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp - Which Course is Right For You?

Everytime you log into, your Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard is the main page you will see.

This is the place to connect with everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you. Training, members and information on what is happening.

The left hand sidebar is your main navigation to your training, website tools and support centers.

OEC Training Guide

To access the free start Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training, simply click on Training in your left hand sidebar menu.

You will choose the OEC course, which is your first training course option.

Click on Getting Started View Course to start level 1. Level 1 is included within your free starter membership plan.

Choose to View Lesson 1 to start this course. And to start learning :) You will go through 10 lessons for level 1 of the OEC. To access your starter training, click here.

OEC Training Schedule

The best way for success is to create a schedule for completing each lesson. The goal is to be committed and go through the training. This principle is no different than being in school. The big difference here is that you do not have required class schedule or the 5 - 6 figure tutition fees to keep you motiviated.

Your motivation is to remember that there is money to be made on the internet.

3.5 Billion Searches a Day
Your goal is to captilize on some of the 3.5 Billion Google searches happening every day. Yea, you read that number right. I got that stat from here.

$2.3 Trillion Internet Influenced Retail Sales a Year
In 2017, the internet influenced $2.3 trillion in retail sales and is estimated to influence $2.8 trillion in 2018. Once again, you just need to capitlize on some of these dollars to make 6 figures. I got these stats from here.

Within affiliate marketing, you will learn how to tap into this market of searches and internet influenced retail sales. And your goal is to make a lot of money from these taps. Just like many members are already doing here today.

So, there is your motiviation. If that doesn't motivate you, then what will?!

Per your training schedule...

Lucky you, I have created a schedule for you. All you need to bring is your MOTIVATION!

Here is how you can complete level 1 in just 10 days with about 1 hour a day - just 2 weeks.

*You can obvsiously do it in less time or more time if desired.

If you are really feeling lucky, double down and do 2 lessons a day with 2 hours a day to complete the entire level (10 lessons) in 5 days - just 1 week!

However much time it takes you, Just do it. - as the Nike brand would say.

Create Your Calendar
Take the training schedule below and plug it into a calendar. Create events for each day that you will tackle a lesson. Add the lesson agenda to each training day event.

So Let's Get Rolling!

Your 10 Day Training Schedule: OEC Level 1 Course

Day 1 : Get Rolling

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 1 Agenda:

  • Learn the 4 steps to creating success online and more - 10 minute read
  • How to navigate Wealthy Affiliate - 30 minute video
  • Setup your Wealthy Affiliate account and profile - 11 minute video + 10 minute tasks

Day 2 : Understanding The Money Making Process

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 2 Agenda:

  • Understand how affiliate marketing works - 15 minute read
  • Learn how to make money online - 13 minute video
  • Establish your goals - 15 minute tasks

Day 3 : Choose a Niche, a Market of People

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 3 Agenda:

  • Understand what a niche is - 10 minute read
  • Learn how to discover niches 17 minute video
  • Choose your direction, the market of people you will target - 30 minute task

Day 4 : Create Your Website

Approximate training time: 30 minutes

Lesson 4 Agenda:

  • Learn about included website tools within Wealthy Affiliate - 10 minute read
  • Create your WordPress website - YAY! - 17 minute video + 1 minute task

Day 5 : Setup Your Website

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 5 Agenda:

  • Setup your website - 10 minute read + 20 minute video + 30 minute tasks

Day 6 : Optimize For Search Engines

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 6 Agenda:

  • Learn why ranking in search engines is important - 10 minute read
  • Setup your website for search engines - 14 minute video + 35 minutes task

Day 7 : Create Basic Website Pages

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 7 Agenda:

  • Learn about SiteContent, included writing management tool - 10 minute read
  • Get a walk through of SiteContent - 28 minute video
  • Create your basic website pages with writing templates - 20 minute tasks

Day 8 : Setup Website Navigation

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 8 Agenda:

  • Learn about website navigation and menus - 10 minute read
  • Learn how to setup custom menus for WordPress websites -15 minute video
  • Create your menu for your website - 20 minute tasks

Day 9 : Keyword Research

Approximate training time: 1 hour

Lesson 9 Agenda:

  • Learn about the importance of searched keywords - 10 minute read
  • Learn how to do keyword research and find good keywords - 20 minute video
  • Learn how to use included keyword research tool, Jaaxy
  • Do research to find 5 good keywords for your website - 30 minute tasks

Day 10 : Congratulate Yourself

Approximate training time: 10 minutes

Lesson 10 Agenda:

  • Review your accomplishments - 10 minute read
  • Learn how to access the 4 more levels of OEC training
  • Learn about Wealthy Affiliate premium membership

And that wraps up your two weeks of training. Hope this guide helps you.

Here is another great read from co-founder Kyle about expectations: Expectations of Online Revenue. Why Most People Fail.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or widsom to share, just comment below.

Kim Wolfe

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brichnow21 Premium
Thank you, Kim!
I'm coming back and time management is paramount to success.
This is really a KISS process!
How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
Slow and easy wins the race.
I'm beginning with one hour of training a day, so I can understand exactly what I'm doing.
The goal is to just repeat this set system, once I learn it!
Writing down a plan, as you have done, and a daily to-do list, tends to "pull" me toward my goals.
Writing the goal, seems to plant the idea in my sub-conscious. Once that is done, the thought seems to nag me into action!
This is an older post, but the beauty of WA?? All info is new to the asker!
Hope you're still picking with your plan!
Happy2Learn Premium
That was really clear and simple. I have been thinking about reviewing the training for a 3rd website I have been thinking about starting.... but I remembered how long it took me to do it the first time. Now I know I can knock it over pretty quickly if I just schedule the time and then work through it. Thanks for sharing.
kimwolfe Premium
Yes! You will likely be faster with the training the second time around. I have noticed that do learn some new things in previous lessons when I go back or I am led back to it from doing other research on here. You'll absorb the teachings on a different level since you now have experience.

I am still working to complete OEC for the first time around. And then the affiliate bootcamp course.

For any progress, organization and focus is key. With these two strategies, you can achieve a lot in just 1 hour. And get in the habit of doing something every day for 1 hour a day. Can be used for training, writing, learning a new trick or skill for your website, whatever.

Keep me posted on your progress. Would love to hear updates.

Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks Kim Great advice. I have done bootcamp. Its a 50-55 post marathon
kimwolfe Premium
Yea, that's a lot of content. But if that is what helps brings traffic, then well... :)
kimwolfe Premium
I didn't realize it was 50 - 55 posts. That's a great number to know. Thanks!
RichieR Premium
Kim, thanks for the blog. Gives me a model to work with. If you can, check in on me every once iin a while and kick me in the butt if I'm notkeeping up.
kimwolfe Premium
Glad to hear Richie. Sure. Also reach out if you have questions. Just stick at it. This is not an overnight game but can surely be a profitable investment.
RichieR Premium
I'll hold you to that|:-)
RAFStuart Premium
Great post Kim, really useful not just for newbies.
kimwolfe Premium
Thanks Stuart! Appreciate this.
RAFStuart Premium
You are welcome.