Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp?

Last Update: September 14, 2018

So, you've just joined Wealthy Affiliate. And you are ready to learn affiliate marketing and how to create an online business for yourself. You can choose to start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp training courses.

So, which training course do you choose? Which course is the right one for you?

This is an important decision to make. Because this decision will determine the direction of your business and what groups of people you will be talking to. For months and years to come.

NOTE: If you have already started one of these courses, do not change your direction just because of this post. Finish what you started. You will have plenty of opportunities to create more websites in more niches in the future.

Online Entreprenuer Certification is # 1

If you are new to affiliate or online marketing, my personal recommendation is to start with the Online Entreprenuer Certification (OEC). The OEC training course will teach you how to promote any product to a variety of groups of people. You will be free to pick a market that you are interested in and means something to you.

Affiliate Bootcamp Narrows Your Products and Audiences

The affiliate bootcamp course will teach you about the Wealthy Affiliate program. You will learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and similar products to a specific group of people who would be interested in these solutions.

Both courses will teach you how to:

  • Do affiliate marketing online (i.e. be an online affiliate marketer)
  • Learn internet marketing skills (i.e. be an online marketer)
  • Research the groups of people you want to target (i.e. target audience)
  • Build a website for your online business (i.e.
  • Optimize your website for search engines (i.e. SEO)
  • Build out content schedules (i.e. content calendar)
  • Find affiliate product solutions for your target audience (i.e. affiliate programs or networks)
  • Drive traffic to your website from social media and paid sources (i.e. traffic sources)

OEC Course

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training contains 5 phases with 10 lessons each, for a total of 50 lessons. In the beginning of this course, you will watch a video walk through of Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to navigate the platform and leverage all the general tools available to you.

The OEC course does a good job on covering the basics of how affiliate marketing works and how Wealthy Affiliate supports you with a variety of tools to support your online business.

OEC Level 1 Course Overview

How to:

  1. Navigate and maximize your experience on the Wealthy Affiliate platform
  2. Setup your WA account and profile
  3. Understand how to make money online
  4. Choose a niche, a particular group or audience of people to help
  5. Build your website with WA tool, Site Builder
  6. Establish your website layout and foundation
  7. Make your website search engine friendly
  8. Do keyword research with WA tool, Jaxxy
  9. Create a list of topics that you will write content on
  10. Understand the difference between free and premium membership at WA

Bootcamp Course

The Affiliate Bootcamp training contains 7 phases with 10 lessons each, for a total of 70 lessons. You will learn how the Wealthy Affiliate program works and the specific WA promotion tools available to you.

The bootcamp course jumps you straight into promoting Wealthy Affiliate to specific groups of people who would be interested in WA. This course defines which markets of people you will be learning about. And how to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a solution to someone who wants to learn affiliate marketing or make money online.

Bootcamp Phase 1 Course Overview

How to:

  1. Navigate and maximize your experience as an affiliate of the Wealthy Affiliate program
  2. Find target audiences for promoting Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Build your website with WA tool, Site Builder
  4. Setup your website for search engines
  5. Create initial basic website content
  6. Do keyword research with WA tool, Jaxxy
  7. Define your long term content strategy
  8. Create product reviews using the 4 "CIAO" Principles
  9. Create a product review of Wealthy Affiliate
  10. Understand the realistic time frame for success

Course Differences

The OEC course:

  • Explains the very basics of the affiliate marketing process in detail
  • Explains all the features available here, at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Let's you choose the products you promote and the groups of people to learn about

The bootcamp course:

  • Contains 20 more lessons
  • Explains the Wealthy Affiliate program
  • Provides a thorough walk through of the affiliate program tools
  • Defines the products you promote and the groups of people you will need to learn about

Course Similiarities

Both courses:

  • Will teach you how be an affiliate marketer
  • Offer detailed training to learn the skills to be successful
  • Offer the first 10 lessons of phase 1 for free

As a free starter Wealthy Affiliate member, you can go start each course without any payment and no credit card requirement.

No, You Do Not Need To Do Both At Once

The best strategy for your success is to choose one course and complete all training phases. You should finish the entire course, complete every step and focus on one site at a time. When you have one site going (e.g. gaining more traffic and increasing sales), then you can start the other course and build an another site.

Confirm You Picked The Right Course

Here is a checklist to help you pick the right course.

  1. Do you want to promote solutions for health, weight loss, knitting, creating scrapbooks, cooking, yoga, meditation or something else?
    1. If you said yes, the Online Entreprenuer Certification course is for you
      1. The OEC course will teach you to promote whatever you want
  2. Do you want to promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform?
    1. If said yes, the WA Affiliate Bootcamp course is for you
      1. The bootcamp course will teach you how to promote products that will help people learn online marketing and how to make money online using these skills
    2. If you said no, then definitely choose the OEC course and products that interest you

Bonus Tip With Warning

If you are unsure which direction you want to go or you want to maximize your free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate, complete phase 1 of both courses.

  1. Start and complete phase 1 of OEC
  2. Then start and complete phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp
  3. Complete a total of 20 lessons
  4. Then choose 1 course to complete all phases

With this strategy, you will create a website for any market you choose and then create a second website for a market interested in learning how to do affiliate marketing or make money online. Then you can decide which direction you want to go for the long haul.

You are given two free starter websites with the free membership plan, so you can build these two sites for no cost.


This bonus tip strategy is not the recommended approach if you really want to make money faster. This tip is more about learning and less about making money.

This approach has its advantages because you will get a good basic foundation of how affiliate marketing works promoting two different products to different groups of people.

But this approach has a big disadvantage as it will take longer to make your first sale because you are not focusing on learning one group of people really well to know what are the best solutions to recommend to them.

Knowing your target audience really well is a key strategy to being a really good affiliate marketer.

Whatever course you choose, good luck and go get 'em!

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Kim Wolfe

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dragonfly10 Premium
Thank you for taking the time to write this, I was seriously considering trying to to do both at the same time. I now see this would not be a wise idea. I will start with my first choice get very good at one then move to the next.
kimwolfe Premium
YES Sandy!

This will be a better strategy for your success. Once you have basic skills, you will find repetitive information in both courses but you'll be faster and more skilled the 2nd time around.

Best of luck!

jetrbby80316 Premium
Great post thoroughly explaining the difference between OEC and the Bootcamp course. Thank You Kim!
kimwolfe Premium
Thanks Kaju! Appreciate you stopping by here and chiming in :)
firstlearn Premium
A well thought out post which should be very useful for all the new starters.

kimwolfe Premium
Thanks Derek!
RAFStuart Premium
An excellent and informative post. Whilst I am doing OEC have found that by doing part one of the Boot Camp it made some things a lot clearer. Possibly just a refresher.
kimwolfe Premium
Yes. I completely agree with you Stuart. I thought the Bootcamp was a good refresher and reinforcer of what we learn. It’s just another perspective but the same process. Thanks for chiming in here.
RAFStuart Premium
Hi Kim,
Glad to know that we are on the same wave length, it does help.
agychin Premium
Thanks for the sharing and recommendation. It is very informative and well explained.
This gives me a good sense of direction in WA.

kimwolfe Premium
So glad this is helpful Agnes. Thanks for chiming in here.
SAWalden Premium
Thanks for sharing this.

I've been here just over a month and wish I had the opportunity to read this in the beginning. I don't think it would have changed my mind about the direction to take but now I know that Boot camp is an option for the future!

kimwolfe Premium
Sorry I am a month behind Susan :) But it sounds like you chose the right course for you anyways. Good job and thanks for chiming in here.

JKulk1 Premium
I totally agree with you Kim. I thought long and hard about the direction I wanted to go in. I decided that I really wanted my own site first. It had to be something I loved doing and would have no issues writing content for. The Bootcamp direction seemed like it could be more profitable. But I'd rather taste the apple before trying to sell it. Jim
kimwolfe Premium
YES Jim!

Thanks for explaining how you chose your first course. I am really glad to hear you chose to promote something of your own interest. If you are not interested in what you are promoting, well then certainly do not promote it.

And yes, the WA affiliate program can really have great payouts. However, this niche takes time and a lot of consistency to get those sales going. Not everyone in this world wants to learn online marketing, let alone spend $49 a month or $359 a year on online marketing tools.

I do, but I am not everyone :)

Thanks again for chiming in here.

Godsmack12 Premium
Great post with a fantastic explanation.
kimwolfe Premium
Thank you!
bushrash Premium
Very well explained, thanks for sharing with us.

Best Wishes,
kimwolfe Premium
Anytime Bushra!
keishalina9 Premium
Excellent post! ... superbly written, clear & on point! ... could have used this post as guidance when I first got here to better understand which way to go, up, down, sideways! ....

Thank you so much for composing this information piece for the benefit of everyone and anyone considering WA ... all the best to you for every success, cheerio... :)
kimwolfe Premium
So glad this was helpful! Thanks for chiming in here :)
CravenATAT Premium
This is great! When I first joined, I had no idea what route to take. I kept asking so many questions in live chat to find out what route to take. This is great content for people just joining!
kimwolfe Premium
Yes! Thanks for chiming in here.

I have noticed your exact situation time and time again. At least you asked a bunch of questions and kept at it. I can see people getting frustrated which can cause them to give up pretty quickly.

Hopefully this post will help new members before they get to the frustrated point.

Thanks again,