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Last Update: May 7, 2018

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Finally, finished

Hi, family! I finally finished course 1 of BootCamp on Friday. It will be almost two months since I have joined WA. I should be much further along than this. I let some things get the best of me in the beginning. I can no longer allow another day to go by without me doing something on my site.

Wake-up Call

When I got to lesson 10, Kyle said, " first month achievement--->5-10 post written on your website, and third month achievement--->30-60 post written on your website". You bet that was a wake-up call! I realized, I have much work to do.

Significant Drop In Rank

I know my ranking has dropped significantly because I have not been participating regularly in the community. For that I apologize to you all but writing does not come easily to me. It takes me almost all day to finish one post. Therefore, I have to choose the one that is more important right now, which is my website, and creating content.

I'll Be Back

I will be back full force in participating within the community again, once I feel my website has sufficient content and I feel secure enough to leave it be from time to time.

Missing You All

I do miss communicating with you all. When I get a chance, I do read your posts, questions, trainings, bio's and so forth. My emails from WA has piled up, again. I try to get to them all with some kind of response (whether it's a like or a jotting of a few words). It may not be all that I would like to say but just know that I'm with you in spirit.

Proud Of My Fellow WA'ers

As I read about your accomplishments WA community (family), there is a big smile on my face. I am so proud of you all. You give me the inspiration and determination to keep moving forward. Keep On Moving On!

A Word Of Wisdom To Newbies

To my new fellow WA'ers, do not let anything or anyone hold you back from what is rightfully yours. You want success, then you keep pushing until you get it! Go through all the training. No matter how experienced you are, I'm sure that Kyle, Carson and Jay will have something new for you to learn. Stay positive, stay determined, stay on course, keep it moving forward. Don't forget to ask questions. There are no dumb questions in this community. Ask as many times and in as many ways that you need until you get your answer. This community is very supportive. If you follow the different avenues in getting help, I guaranty you, that someone will be able to help within minutes of you posting your question.


This post was supposed to have been finished last night but this is the first time that I did a post from my phone. It might be my last because I had a devil of a time. Especially with the picture. I had a hard time in trying to center it, and the tool bar kept disappearing, couldn't get to the save button because the post would either jump around or freeze up on me. Everything seemed to be going wrong in etrying to get this post out. Let me tell you, I started writing this post last night around 11:00pm, it is now 1:43am. No, it wasn't because it took me a long time to find the words to write( quiet the contrary) but rather this is how long I've been fighting with it. Well, look who won the battle!

(Hint) I really do hope that Kyle and Carson make writing more mobile friendly.

To the Kyle and Carson team, you are much appreciated for all that you do for the WA community. Much obliged.

To my family (WA community), I'll be seeing you around. I'll be smiling with every achievement I read.

Keep It Moving Forward Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Peace and Blessings,


Recent Comments


Great article Kimberly and so true for all of us. Generating content and doing the other tasks does take time and is not the easiest thing for me. But with each step and fighting back those time takers like TV and other wasteful time stealers we can make it.

Hey Kimberly. Don't worry it is okay. Most of the time it takes me most of a day to do a post too. I am not sure how everyone else zooms through.

Don't sweat it, Kim. Life happens from time to time. The thing is you are still here, and ready to get back on track. Much success to you!


Kimberley, I can empathise with so many of your comments, one comment you made which is so true, as in my book there is no such thing as a daft or silly question, somebody somewhere is unsure, therefore it cannot be a silly question.

So true! Thanks, RAFStuart. Much appreciated.

Don't worry about imposing schedules on your WA blogging Kimberley - do it when you can and when you feel comfortable doing so. What matters is implementing your game plan as you follow the training.

As for your posting schedule, don't worry about that either. My motivation goes through peaks and troughs - I wasn't very active on WA over the last few months but now I'm back with a vengeance and I've made a plan to keep me active (both here and on my website-building activities).

You have a day-job to contend with, you have life pressures, you need personal time to relax too. Don't let your WA activities become something that grinds you down. Instead it should be energizing you as your work towards freedom from the 9 to 5!

Good luck and thanks for your positive post. :)

Thanks so much Philemerson, for your uplifting message. You are much appreciated. Much success to you.

Well done, keep going!


Thanks, Wayne! I will! Much appreciated!

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