Finally, I have made my First Sale on Amazon

Last Update: Jan 31, 2019

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Just to share and not to brag, yeah right, lol

Well, honestly, it was my third attempt to sign up with Amazon Associates.

The first time I signed up with the program was way too soon. I just had joined Wealthy Affiliate and my website was, roughly, 2-3 months old. I also didn't keep up with the maintnance just looked for ads, placed them and let things going its way.

After 6 months, no sale and I was out. Instead of concentrating on this one website and building up my content and domain authority, I rather chose to build two more websites and in the end have spread myself too thin.

The second time around, silly me, I signed up, again, with Amazon, but this time I used one of the newer sites, again, thinking one of them is more suitable than the one who is actually coming along nicely.

Well, sometimes we are asking ourselves, in hind-side, why we did what we did and I also can't give you a good answer why I did what I did. It just happened.

The third time around is a charme, right?

Nevertheless, I signed up again and in less then 6 weeks I have made my first sale, Not a big one, but I have made $ 3 and change (see image) and I am still so proud because the ice is broken.

I also might be so bold in saying that it might even came from one of my recent posts I have written which each one of them was over 3000 words and we all know that high quality content is still King/Queen.

To everyone here at WA who might also struggle in getting their first affiliate sale I only can say this. NEVER EVER GIVE UP and please, don't spread yourself too thin. Concentrate on one site at the time and keep it up.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

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Thank you Cynthia

Congrats! Sylvia :)

Have you got this sale as a result of
following the "Online Entrepreneur Certification"

Thanks, Midhun and yes, I have finished once the Entrepreneur Certification course but, guess what, I will do it again since Kyle also has renewed so many parts of the training.
Learning never ends. :)


Thanks, Kohl :)


Congrats 💪💪

Thanks, Mira :)

Well done, I am at the beginning of the journey. I will keep this in mind thank you :)

Thanks, Alan :)

That is marvelous, Congratulations,

Thanks, Susan :)

Thanks for sharing Sylvia well done.

Thank you Ellen :)

Thanks for that encouragement! I just renewed with Amazon after not fulfilling the sales. I believe my website is in a much better place now. So we'll see what happens...


Thanks, Perrie and yes, you to keep it up :)

Syliva, I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!!!! There will be many more coming.

p.s. I too have built more website than I should have. They cause us to spread ourselves too thin and slow down our progress. Yet, we still learn something in the process even if we end up abandoning one or more of them. At least that is what I tell my self.


Thanks, Sondra for your support and insight.

Yes, I was, in the beginning so driven that I have overlooked so many little things which are also very important to achieve success.

Making mistakes sometimes will help us to get it right in the end.

Thanks for the wise words of warning Sylvia and congratulations on your first sale. I hope it is the first of many x

Thank you, Alison, I certainly hope so too. :)

Congrats you are right I had the same problems with amazon I just starting with wa I probably will not use amazon this time 🤪

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