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Last Update: Jan 20, 2019

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I like to give a quick reminder that it is very prudent that you check your plugins once in a while if they still behave as they should, especially, after each major WordPress update.

I had in the past some big issues with one of my websites until, Kyle, personally, did solve the issue and I was so thankful.

Back then, I had a plugin which prevented copy and pastes so no one could copy the content of my site etc. It did work well for over a year and after WP had a major update it failed. I couldn't see my newly posted post only got a blanl screen when checking it out through the preview.

Someone, then, in the WA community told me to check out my site by going incognito on Google and, yes, there was now post.

Well, long story short, it was this Copywrite plugin and Kyle deactivated it and everything was back to normal.

Therefore, I have a certain routine when it comes to WP updates like saving everything first and deactivating all the plugins. After the update is finished, I re-activate one plugin after another to see if it is still functioning with my site.

However, there is still the possibility when you can't check everything and by everything in my case, not writing a comment on my posts.

Most of my comments, so far, are coming from WA members through the SiteComment and, there was never an issue. Makes me wonder now why that is?

Nevertheless, a friend of mine, outside of WA, wanted to leave me a comment. She was so frustrated because, so she said, after clicking the Submit button, the only thing she got was a white screen.

Well, this raised my eyebrows and I immediately started my research by going incognito on Google and voila, I also received a white screen by trying to submit a test comment.

I knew instantly which plugin it might be who causes the interruption and, after deactivating it and checking it again, everything was back to normal.

Wordfence, this time, was the culprit which I had installed before the major update of 5.0 and it did work fine. Now, it is deactivated and deleted.

Sometimes, a plugin can go crazy after a major update and it might be not compatible anymore with your theme or, even the update of your theme might cause the trouble.

The bottom line is, take the time and check your plugins. Write even a test comment on one of your post/page, at least, don't panic when you experience a white screen or another abnormal issue, always check your plugins it is usually one of them.

Take care and have a great week ahead

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Thank you Silvia also great to hear from again as well.

Yes the most important part is to do a back up and although one may do the same with the plugins it is well worth it.

I have had issues with plugins in the past that worked well and earier updates did create problems for me then I did the same as you had to go through each one at a time and when i found the problem I deleted it

Have a great week Silvia

Thanks, Andre good to hear from you too :)

You are welcome Sylvia :)

That's strange, Sylvia. I have Wordfence activated on all my websites and there's no problems leaving comments. You can check by leaving a comment on any post at

Perhaps it's something in the Wordfence settings that needs tweaking.

Not sure Marion, but I got the idea to use the plugin from your site since I had an issue with spam comments on one on my posts.

First, I used Antispam Bee, but this is not compatible anymore with my theme after the update to 5.0 and therefore I switched to Wordfence.

So far I had no visible issue until my friend, who is not from WA, tried to leave a comment. I guess the plugin got the issues after the other 3 WP updates so close after each other.

Thanks, Marion I will check out your training again perhaps there is some tweaking to be done.

Still, though, the strange thing is that I probably would never have known that it is a problem.

Wordfence doesn't help with spam comments, Sylvia, I still use Antispam Bee for that. Wordfence is mainly to protect your site from hackers.

I'm trying to replicate the issue. Can you give me a list of all the plugins you had activated when the problem appeared and also which theme you're using? One of your sites is Twenty Sixteen and the other is Twenty Thirteen. Which site had the problem? Is the other site OK? Give me the URL 😉

I will PM the data, thanks Marion for looking into it.

Thank you for this article, as I now come to realize that I am not the only one who has had plugin issues, thank you for posting it!


You are welcome, Erik :)

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