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Hi Everyone,Just like to share a bit of success which was made for the long haul. Although, it could have happened much earlier and that it didn't was only because of me and sometimes my lack of focus, or making time for creating new content.I am saying this so that everyone, newbies and "oldies", can follow and do get creative with their writing juices.My success? I am finally ranking on the Google in the first place, not just with a single post but with my whole website.How did it happen?Only
Today, I have received a notice of the upcoming new release of WordPress 5.2 by the end of April 2019.I thought, I would share the link with the WA community if there is an interest of what changes are to come.WordPress 5.2All the best
I am not sure if everyone knows of a Browser by the name "Vivaldi" but I think it can't hurt to spread awarness.Many of us, mostly, use Chrome or Firefox browser. I know, there is also Mirosoft Edge and Linux, not sure how many browser are still out there of today?Anyway, vivaldi was introduced to me a couple of years agao as a safe "none" data collecting alternative to the bigger ones.However, I am a creature of habit and when it comes researching bigger stuff I always will use chrome rather t
Today I read this article somewhere on Google+ but I really don't get it.I guess, today, I wasn't in the mood to look into it deeper but I certainly would appreciate more insight what is going on with Google+ shutting down for "consumers".You certainly will never be short of surprises by Google and Co.Thanks for some clarification :)
Just to share and not to brag, yeah right, lolWell, honestly, it was my third attempt to sign up with Amazon Associates.The first time I signed up with the program was way too soon. I just had joined Wealthy Affiliate and my website was, roughly, 2-3 months old. I also didn't keep up with the maintnance just looked for ads, placed them and let things going its way.After 6 months, no sale and I was out. Instead of concentrating on this one website and building up my content and domain authority,
I like to share that persistence and due dilligence do pay off, sometimes it just takes a bit longer.One of my sites, finally, made it to rank on Google's first page. My site ranks on place 5 or 6, when you count the first place advertising as a seperate page. See picturesThe first picture shows the number of search results.The second picture shows the actual ranking. The funny part is that my Linkedin page ranks even above my site. I post on Linkedin also regularly.Anyway, it doesn't matter my
I like to give a quick reminder that it is very prudent that you check your plugins once in a while if they still behave as they should, especially, after each major WordPress update.I had in the past some big issues with one of my websites until, Kyle, personally, did solve the issue and I was so thankful.Back then, I had a plugin which prevented copy and pastes so no one could copy the content of my site etc. It did work well for over a year and after WP had a major update it failed. I couldn
tooIt should be a no-brainer when it comes to the response of a comment, you have requested for your post, probably through the SiteComment, in accordance to the person's comment. As we all do (should) know by now writing a unique and high quality comment on someone's post/article, is one of the important keys to get it higher ranked in Search Engines like Google & CO. I don't know how everyone else does it but, I do spend quite some time in reading the person's post and then write my co
Today, I proudly like to say, that I finally, after 4 years, went YEARLY! :)It wasn't that I didn't want to but, for some instances, for the first 2 years, just before the Black Friday Deal, I needed the saved money for a new car battery, one year and, for a needed house repair the second year.Nevertheless, I kept going paying my monthly dues, here at Wealthy Affiliate, because I just love it to be here at this platform. In these 4 years I did learn a lot about online marketing and creating a
Even though I am under so much pressure for the last 2 months with personal stuff, I certainly kept going to do what has to be done to brand myself online.Time also is of the essence because if you stop doing nothing or way too little you are off the radar very quick.One of my websites is about holistic healing/ energies/ modalities. I have created, under the same name, a Facebook Fan page and I have to admit that it started out to be a slow process.However, I kept going, although, in the begin