Level 2 done, moving forward...

Last Update: November 09, 2013

OK, finally I have completed the level 2 training and supposed to write a blog on what I have accomplished.

Well, I have 2 new websites created and putting contents into them may not seem too difficult when I first thought. Instead, to rank in Google will be much difficult. As I checked so far with PR rank checker, I only have 2 to 3 articles rank within the top 10 pages. So, the keywords played a part.

Another lesson learnt from the Adsense experience is not to monetize your site too fast. You got to build your trust with your visitor first by providing quality contents that can help them.

In the coming months, my goal is to increase the site viewership and hopefully get ranked in Google.

I have created a Facebook group that is linked to my IM site and would like to get more people to join. Is this a good idea?


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AnnieB Premium
The no advertising and no spam rules are good points to put in. Otherwise you know what would happen. You'll have to keep an eye on it though as your members grow. It looks good to me!
rsoomaree Premium
Great! Keep it up mate. That was quick.
mackiejw Premium
Good for you. I am still stuck on lesson 7. Need to figure out some technical problems, like right align a table with text wrapped around and stuff like that,
Animate Premium
Wow! You are doing really well khoom, to have come so far in such a short time. I'd better get a move on!
Shmizer Premium
Awesome good for you, keep that momentum going!

Nice goal, very doable.