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Into the first week of the year, I have made a point to view some of the blogs posted by our members. I learnt a lot from question posted and provide my answer too if I know.The best post I like is Assumptive Close Examples for Selling Wealthy Affiliate by JeremyWest. intend to connect with 5 members each week so be patient with me if you have followed me. This week I have connected with Stephenavae, Cornelius1, Lovetohelpyo, Brockstargrp, Y
January 01, 2016
2015 is not a good year for me in affiliate marketing. I have not progress much in WA and my website due to my full-time job.So, in 2016, I have to make a difference. I plan to check up some of our members' blogs, new questions, and trainings daily, write a blog at WA and continue my WA trainings weekly and create contents for my website monthly. Looks like a lot of works for me but I have to do it if I want to really succeed in affiliate marketing.HAPPY NEW YEAR to Kyle, Carson and all our WA
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December 31, 2013
It is the first day of a new year. What is my plan? Think of it, there are quite a lot. 1. Follow through the trainings in WA which I did not completed in 2013 2. Write quality contents to improve the viewership for my sites 3. Research more on lead and traffic generation (most important) 4. Improve the engagement of my members in my FB group 5. Recruit more new affiliates for my SFI business and make them active 6. Help as many beginners as possible to succeed in their online marketing or busi
December 23, 2013
It's the time of the year where we gather together as a family to celebrate Christmas! We do celebrate Christmas here in Singapore except without the snowy environment. You can see some folks dressed up in Santa's suit walking in the street, enjoying their time with their friends or families. And usually, most companies will organize a Christmas party on the eve for the workers to exchange gifts and make their wishes for the year to come. I miss those happy moments at my previous company. I wis
OK, finally I have completed the level 2 training and supposed to write a blog on what I have accomplished. Well, I have 2 new websites created and putting contents into them may not seem too difficult when I first thought. Instead, to rank in Google will be much difficult. As I checked so far with PR rank checker, I only have 2 to 3 articles rank within the top 10 pages. So, the keywords played a part. Another lesson learnt from the Adsense experience is not to monetize your site too fast. You
Since joining WA, I have been spending most of my time here than in Facebook and my other social sites. I am busy following people to make friends, inviting them to my websites. Every day, I am reading some blogs, joining some discussions, follow some trainings and working on my certification courses to increase my knowledge. I want to succeed in affiliate marketing to achieve my goal that I have set. Most of my friends do not believe in internet marketing. They will tell me that it is not
October 14, 2013
I am glad to join WA as there are many trainings and discussions going around. I have not spend too much time during this one month as I am busy working offline. I have created one niche website but not fully complete as I am still working on it. But, at least I have made many friends here, both newbies and experienced one. I am also working on my other personal website where my goal is to promote myself and helping those who are new to internet marketing. Although I am not a experienced market