Success is not only a money question.

Last Update: November 08, 2013

Hello everybody,

First, i would like to apologize myself for my english.

Second, i was absent on WA for 1 week and i will tell you my story about this week out of WA ;)

I'm a WA member since the end of september 2013 and the first month i build my website with the awesome training here, i really learned a lot and Wealthy Affiliate is a real online university.

One week ago, i saw on some facebook group an online opportunity where you get paid to read news, i wont tell the name but maybe you already heard about it. This was obviously a big scam, member could learn 2 euro per news ( 15s to read 1 news), the news were linked to a famous french news website (leparisien).

I was sure that lot of people would register to this scam so i decided to write an article about it and you know what ? I was first on google right away and then my success story started, here are the stat of this article :

View on my article : 12 458 visitor

Number of comments : 367

This page was shared many times, i got a lot of backlink and i think google start to love me now.

But that's not all, i was thinking, about ask the "leparisien" if they are in partnership with this scam so i wrote an email to the SEO and partnership manager.

I called him and he thank me for my article and we were talking about this scam to come with the conclusion that the scam was only a guy who wanted to up the value of his website to sell it later.

I wrote all the conversation and a new article appear :) Many people thank me for my little investigation and i won real fans !!!

When you help people, they respect your work and trust you, and i have to say i was felling a little proud about me too ;) help the other before thinking about you and the success will come ;)

I didn't win any money ( ok a little with pub ) but i feel successfull on my work and i would like that the new WA member think about build a nice website before thinking about money. Money find the way on your pocket without any help after building a quality website.

When i came to WA and reactivate my account, i really had a nice surprise, i get back my commissions, credits, ranking and my referrals.

Congratulation to Kyle and Carson for creating this great system and thank to all WA member for your help and support, you are a big part on my success :)

Thank for reading this blog i wish you all a nice weekend :)


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IslandMike Premium
Thanks for sharing...Lots of folks do get involved with the various offers and then write their experiences -- it saves everyone else having to work thru it if someone else does it and just reports OK or Not Ok, so you could actually make doing this sort of thing a habit and built up a library if that is your cup of tea!
AnnieB Premium
So true. Helping people is what it's about.People search the internet to get information and you provided what they wanted. Well done and thanks for sharing your experience and advice.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Jérémy - firslty, you're English is just fine. Secondly - well done on spotting something, and setting out to help people avoid getting caught out. Although there are no doubt people here who just want to make money, others just want to help other people - and if money comes as a side to that, then great.

I wish you all the best, Mark
ChrisDB Premium
Thanks for your post. I agree with you, success is many things and they are all extremely satisfying! Congrats to you as well on your great article and rankings!! :)
Khaos Premium
Thank you :) I wish you all the best and success :)
Ron Meyering Premium
Hi Jérémy, thanks for sharing your experience. You are right. Success isn't just about money but about results and reaching goals (without damaging / hurting other people).
Khaos Premium
Thank you Ron, hope you doing fine :) Wish you success too ;)