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Cluster Headache is a disease that i got since like 5 years now. On this blog, i'm gonna tell you more about it and also tell you why i love it so much ;) But first i would like to apologize for my bad english. Ok let's go ! What is a cluster headache ? I'm not gonna give you a wikipedia definition or something like this, i will give you my own. Cluster headache is a clever disease who know how to give you a terrible headache when you really don't need. It mean that this thing will take pleasur
Hello everybody, I join WA 2 month ago and i would like to share with you my results and to be honest i feel a little down and i will tell you why. My success : Wa is an online university and here i learned how to build a website, and i did it, i'm at 300 visit per day and only the publicity is enough to pay my wa membership every month, so yes in the website part i think i'm doing good. here is my website : My network : 200 members on my website + 400 people with my
Hello everybody, First, i would like to apologize myself for my english. Second, i was absent on WA for 1 week and i will tell you my story about this week out of WA ;) I'm a WA member since the end of september 2013 and the first month i build my website with the awesome training here, i really learned a lot and Wealthy Affiliate is a real online university. One week ago, i saw on some facebook group an online opportunity where you get paid to read news, i wont tell the name but maybe you alre
Hello, First know that my english isn't my native language so sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes :) Since i'm young i love animals, i consider every animals as earthlings like us who deserve same respect. My goal here isn't to be rich to buy a nice car or a nice home, of course i need money to survive but my real goal is to have a land where i can accept every animals who need help. My wife support me every day, she's an animal fighter and a vegetarian too and every days i feel blessed .