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Last Update: March 30, 2018

There are two people, person A and person B. They both watch the same instructions, follow the lessons exactly, implement them the way they are supposed to and are ready to succeed. Person A is starting to get hits and paying customers. Person A is pleased with the results. Person B gets some hits but no one buys. After a few months Person B is frustrated and blames the system for the lack of progress.

They both did the work the same. Both had a good product but one was successful while the other was not. After an analysis is done, one (of many possibilities) arises. Person A had a positive mindset while Person B had self-doubts and self-sabotaging behaviors. Studies of successful people show they demonstrate the positive, can-do, success mind set of a person A while most who do not succeed show the traits of a person B. They know they can do something and go about doing it. They learn from failures and mistakes and make the corrections to overcome those setbacks. Persons B may have doubts going in, focus on the negative and move in the direction to succumb to obstacles and challenges.

It is important to have the right skills set (or get someone who has them to assist you) but it is equally important to have a positive, can do mind set. IN that we need to train our minds to look at the positive. Don’t think “I want to be debt free” as your focus is on the negative. Think more along the lines of “I am prosperous.” As it is positive and in the present tense; it is what you believe you are now.

Many studies on the mind have shown that our subconscious can sabotage us as it keeps us protected from its perspective. You may have a fear of heights and want to cross a bridge. You say to yourself you can cross this bridge but your subconscious wants to protect you and sends out signals and ideas to dissuade you from getting across. The corrective action comes down to retraining your subconscious to work together with your conscious mind to lead you to success.

We need two things to succeed, the skill set and the correct mind set. Be positive, use affirmations to retrain your subconscious, develop your plan with your affirmations in place, take care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and stay with positive people whjo will help keep you on track You can be a Person A.

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newmarketpro Premium
Great one Kevin.
You are right that sometimes our self-doubts is sabotaging our mission and vision, without us realizing it.

I also heard that if you train your mind to be positive every day all the time, there is no room for negative thoughts come to you.

What's your opinion on that..?
KevinOConnor Premium
Negative thoughts can still creep up but that is when we have to stop them and control them. We have to master our thoughts and not let them master us, if that makes sense.
newmarketpro Premium
Great one, Kevin.
Thanks a lot.
fondevilla Premium
Wow! Thank you so much. Now I understand that I should train my subconscious to speak to me positively. Great post. Waiting for more from you.
Leahdavid Premium
Very true thank you
buffetearns Premium
So True Kevin!

Thank you

Cori9 Premium
Awesome advice. I've had a lot of opportunities come my way since I've changed my mindset.