Learning Is Good, Action Even Better!

Last Update: July 07, 2017

One of the great aspects of the WA training is you get to put into practice what you are learning.

Some training courses in the industry just teach mainly the theoretical side to online marketing without going into great practical depth.

The training here at WA is different because you get the opportunity to learn both the theoretical side to building an online business and also importantly the practical side.

The practical side of building a website around a niche interest or passion is why most members joined WA.

We get the opportunity to learn the basics of how to build a website and add content to our site. For those with little or no experience in online marketing then the WA training offers this and much more.

As you progress further through the courses you'll notice the training becoming more advanced. The great thing is that you can always pause the training and ask questions if you're not sure about any specific part of the training.

Many people join WA to make money online. By following the training you'll get the opportunity to learn and put what you learn into practice.

At the end of the courses you'll have a fully functioning website built around your chosen niche.

You'll also learn current Internet marketing strategies to promote your website to your targeted audience. The training goes into great detail about this.

I always recommend going through all the courses at least 2 - 3 times thoroughly as you may have inadvertently skipped a crucial part of the training and by going over the lessons again you'll be more likely to see what you may have missed.

The step by step training comes together like a jigsaw puzzle. It's well thought out and crafted by WA.

Your website and online business all starts piecing together as you progress further into the training. You may get some "Aha" moments as you advance further into the courses.

What I will say from my own experience, is that the Starter level lays the foundation and the Premium level puts the icing on the cake.

If you're just starting out then take your time going through Course 1 which consist of the first 10 lessons as these really do lay the foundational structure of your website.

You really want to lay the foundations correctly, brick by brick. If you have big ambitions then Premium will help you to build your site upwards and outwards.

It's an awesome training structure put in place here at WA where you can build a solid and sustainable online business which potentially can go on paying you an income for many years to come.

Have an awesome day! :)


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TheDummyOfWA Premium
Great post and it explains a lot, especially for the new members who are joining! :)
kevinmj Premium Plus
Thanks for your comments Terry. :)
JamesJB Premium
That makes a great deal of sense, Kevin...thank you.
kevinmj Premium Plus
Most welcome James.
Kyle Premium Plus
You could read every single book in the world and complete every university class in the world and not achieve any success. Why? The exact reason you are stating here, education is nothing without the implementation of it.

Over the years I have personally found that a great deal of my education actually takes place when you start "doing" or taking action on what you learn. That is where we make mistakes, we learn what works and what does. Otherwise it is just theoretical knowledge, which at the end of the day is not all that useful (unless you like to play jeopardy).

Great post here Kevin and very insightful!
kevinmj Premium Plus
Many thanks Kyle.
reonna3 Premium
I truly agree with you and I am happy that you have shared your thoughts about this system to our community
kevinmj Premium Plus
Thanks for your comments.
Skydancer1 Premium
Well Said.
Yes the Training is like a puzzle, that comes together to make a great foundation.

The work comes from following it and applying what is taught into your website.

Nice Post

kevinmj Premium Plus
Many thanks Todd.