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August 09, 2018
Just a quick update to say I'm on a family vacation on the beautiful paradise island of Antigua in the Caribbean.This is my 5th family vacation since I joined WA back in 2014.It was a pipe dream before then to even just go away for a vacation in my own country.So thankful for the opportunity WA has presented my family and I.The training really works. For anyone new or been here a while and seeking success then just take it step by step. This really is a long term project where you learn and gro
Well, here I am watching the beautiful sunset on Kos Island in Greece.This is my third family holiday since joining WA 3 years ago.The training really works here at WA and through following the step by step training I've been able to treat my family to these priceless summer holidays.It's off to the stunning beach of Tigaki later.Have a great day everyone! :)
Do you sometimes get a member asking you a lot of questions? The questions could be about how to build a website, how to add content on a website, how to share a post on Facebook, etc.Instead of going into a detailed explanation and to save time you can say that their questions are covered in the training.Best of all, you can ask them which lesson they are currently on. This will probably explain why they asked a question in the first place.Don't get me wrong, asking questions and getting help
One of the great aspects of the WA training is you get to put into practice what you are learning. Some training courses in the industry just teach mainly the theoretical side to online marketing without going into great practical depth.The training here at WA is different because you get the opportunity to learn both the theoretical side to building an online business and also importantly the practical side.The practical side of building a website around a niche interest or passion is why most
Wow! I just wrote my first 500 word post using Site Content and I'm super impressed with how fast and streamlined it is.There are no bells and whistles which I really like. It's so simple to use. :)If you're looking to add content really quickly and maybe you have got a bit stale with adding content then this is a must have tool to use.It makes adding content fun and fast!I like the goals feature where you can add how many articles you are going to post daily, weekly and monthly.You can also ad
June 06, 2017
One of the best attributes of the Wealthy Affiliate training is that you can earn whilst you learn.What I mean by this is that the lessons actually involve you learning the theoretical side of affiliate marketing but you also have important actions steps to go through as well in each lesson.This is excellent because you don't need to just keep learning and going through the lessons without doing anything practical.You can see the fruits of your labor very quickly. :)With the Wealthy Affiliate t
Here's a quick little tip for you to check to see if your site is indexed in Google.In the Google search bar put in your website address with "site:" in front of your website address. For example:site:example.comorsite:http://example.comIf pages from your site show up, that means they’re in Google’s index.If your site doesn’t show up and it's very new, it's possible that Google hasn't discovered it yet so give it time.Hope this helps. :)Kevin
One of the best things about having your own online business is the ability to run it from practically anywhere.If you want to quickly dash down to your local Starbucks to grab a latte and write your latest blog post then you can. It's a bit cliche but who cares. :)Many people's dream when building an online business is to maybe end up on some idyllic tropical beach one day and run their business from there. That was one of my goals when I joined WA.Affiliate marketing is also great in that you
Do you find you're always checking your stats? Do you wake up in the morning (or the middle of the night) and the first thing you do is check your phone to see whether you had a new commission, new sale or a new referral?Do you constantly think of new marketing strategies to propel your business forward?Well that's the life of an Internet marketer. It's not for the faint of heart. It literally is a 24/7 lifestyle.A typical 9 to 5 job, you can possibly switch of work mode when you finish for the
I started to run a Facebook ads campaign and was blown away by the cost per click which is currently £0.02. I got 15 clicks so far today at a total cost of £0.30. I made the advert very targeted to people interested in affiliate marketing/online business and located in 10 countries.Facebook ads has a huge audience and it's another search engine where you can also focus your marketing campaigns to increase your brand and conversions.KevinP.S. Sorry the image is small. You might need