Bye! Thanks for being awesome.

Last Update: November 27, 2019

It's with regret that I finally find myself at the point where I need to bid you all farewell.

Membership renewal time has come around again and after being a member for a number of years, this year I simply cannot afford to pay the membership fee.

Is it something you said?


I've loved my time here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You are the most amazing community I've ever been a member of and I'll miss your positive attitude and can-do approach to earning a living online.

The training has been great and I'd still recommend it to anyone that wanted to learn about affiliate marketing and making money online.

I'm not leaving because I don't love the community or the training. :)

Do I have any regrets?

I do regret not having the time to publish more regularly to my sites. I know that my inability to achieve much success here is due to not writing enough content.

Unfortunately my time here at WA coincided with my wife choosing to go to college and as I was caring full time for our young children, that left little time with the freelance work I do to pay the bills.

Time has been my biggest problem and I freely admit this.

No matter how positive you are about achieving your dreams, you cannot make more time. After planning my time meticulously, I made a bit more time which enabled me to create a new site at the start of this year which was building some enouraging traffic but sadly not enough time to write as much as I needed to.

Will I be back?

If I start earning a reasonable amount online to pay the membership fee, yes, probably.

I meant it when I said I love this community but right now I need to pay the rent and the bills.

So long and thanks for all the fish

I'd like to wish you all the best for the future and hope that you all keep writing, keep building that traffic and realise your goals and dreams.

Stay awesome, folks. :)

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edhozubin Premium
Kettei - I am so sorry that something you love is something you have to leave behind. The best thing you can do right now is to stay positive and attack you new situation with everything you have. Just maybe in time, if you so desire you may be able to come back. Wish you the best.
Kettei Premium
Thanks Edward,
Me too but I long ago learned to accept those things I have little control over.
Hopefully, in time, I'll be back but in the meantime, I'm just going to keep doing my best.
Best wishes for your future success.
megawinner Premium
Think it over and give your best shot like there is no tomorrow. If there is a will there is away. Still, I respect your decision with regret. All the very best in your future, Phil, I hope you come back again one day soon. You made me more inspired to make use of all my time to produce something great soon. See you around again, soon.
Kettei Premium
Glad I inspired you - if you have the time, use it, use it, use it!

I'm going to keep trying on my own in the meantime though, time permitting.
StPaul Premium
Wishing you great success! GOD bless!
Kettei Premium
Thanks Paul - I hope you see continued success too!
davehayes Premium
Good luck and hope it goes well
Kettei Premium
Thanks Dave - you were one of my inspirations here - keep doing what you're doing! :)
davehayes Premium
I have actually PMd you, bu tthanks for the kind words
Avatarman23 Premium
Hey Phil, it’s with a heavy heart that I say good bye. I know life can be difficult and sometimes, we don’t seem to have the time to make our dreams come true. I wish you luck and good health.
Kettei Premium
Thanks Derek, I appreciate your thoughts. :)