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November 27, 2019
It's with regret that I finally find myself at the point where I need to bid you all farewell.Membership renewal time has come around again and after being a member for a number of years, this year I simply cannot afford to pay the membership fee.Is it something you said?Nope.I've loved my time here at Wealthy Affiliate. You are the most amazing community I've ever been a member of and I'll miss your positive attitude and can-do approach to earning a living online. The training has been great a
Just over a week ago I managed to publish my first YouTube video to my channel.I'd had the channel for two years (as long as the niche site) but had never published anything to it and, to be fair, had only published seven posts to the actual website. What better test for the effectiveness of a YouTube strategy than a mothballed site that never took off?So, I managed to steel myself to publish my first video and got it uploaded.The reception was muted, to say the least. This was hardly a surpris
Thanks to the encouragement of a few members of WA, I finally got my head around how to create a video for my channel. After setting up the lighting, suitable background and so on, it took about fifteen minutes to record and an extra hour to add callouts, subtitles and transitions to it. I've now uploaded it and to be honest, it wasn't the traumatic experience that I thought it would be. I've already discovered some VERY cool things about publishing to YouTube.Within a day of posting my video,
One of the biggest obstacles that you might face as a content creator is that nagging fear that nobody will read what you write.And to a certain degree, when you're starting out, it's true.Before you begin to build traffic and people start visiting your website, there won't be an audience for your words.The importance of sharing and caringThat's where Wealthy Affiliate's Site Comments program comes in. It's not just about building discussion on your website, it's about building your confidence
Sometimes, life can be tough.There are so many things to juggle (especially if you're caring for children) that it can tempting, when the working day is done, to just relax with a Presecco and binge on Netflix. If you're trying to build a side business, this is a way of life that you need to learn to let go of.Entrepreneurs don't get to squander their time watching television or playing games (unless these are specific niches to be exploited).No, you need to stay focused if you're going to jugg
One of the biggest problems that I've been running up against when creating content for my websites is figuring our what to write about. I've come to the realisation that I struggle to make this work because of one simple fact:My categories really needed some work.In some ways, my categories totally sucked.By the way, when I'm talking about categories, I'm talking about the categories in Wordpress that you sort your blog posts into. Wordpress categories help you retain visitorsCategories should
Sooner or later we all face moments where, no matter how hard we try, we can't make the time to work on our affiliate websites. Instead, life places unexpected demands on our attention whether it's family, injury, illness, or the demands of our day jobs (if we still have them). When that happens it's all too easy to slip into a bit of a slump and lose the momentum that was driving us to keep creating content, posting on social media, creating training, or whatever other activities were integral
After an amazing few weeks at the start of the Super Affiliate Challenge, my WA motivation cart hit a few rocks in the road and shuddered to a halt. A combination of family illness (pre-schoolers seem to be germ-magnets) and client work-demands suddenly increasing I found myself feeling overwhelmed.I had to take a step back to take care of my family and address the immediate needs of my clients (as they currently pay my bills, they have to take priority). In the past this would have resulted in
It's been a busy week that I'm quite pleased with.I've continued trundling along to meet the goals for the SAC and I've been amazed at what I've produced. [EDIT] I managed to get another 1700 word article written this morning so I've updated this post accordingly.The short versionI wrote a new 1,579 word articleI wrote a new 1,934 word articleI wrote a new 1,678 word articleI posted both articles to my site's social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter)I created a reusable Gutenberg blog to p
I've been meaning to do this for a while. There are loads of amazing blog posts and training here at Wealthy Affiliate that show you how to achieve fantastic results. I've decided to create my own collection of these so I can find them more easily and, I hope, to help you too.This list will grow over time as I add new links to it.TrainingHow To Create A Six Figure WebsiteDylan shows you, step by step, how to create an amazing niche website powered by grouped reviews (where you write reviews of