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Last Update: September 09, 2018

Hi, everyone, I have been with WA for almost a year, I am glad I joined as a premium member
It is cheaper to join WA yearly, and the advantage of having access to the entire learning process to educate me on being an expert affiliate.

I did learn a lot this year, knowing almost nothing about Internet marketing business before.
In the first three months, I struggled to maintain the same level of motivation, because of my " fashion work."

I had the hard time to engage myself with
the learning process at the WA program

Today, I am more involved into the program, and glad to be

What have I learned thus far?
I will say, the fundamental knowledge of how to structure my business to get traffic and the understanding of monetizing my site.

What do I know today?
Is to work with determination, consistency, to be patient, motivated to succeed and to take action within the community.

My first focus was the foundation of my website
My site is an evergreen niche
I chose health because I believe there is a big demand for health products
Everyone is looking for that better way to achieve a healthier way to live, don't you think?

I am testing different Affiliate Program
I have signed up with advertising programs
Did I earn $$$$?
YES! $1,20
It works!
I am proud of my website though!
But I have to be honest with you; I still have to struggle to write articles regularly.

Writing involved a lot of research and organizing my time more efficiently.

The good thing is I am passionate about my niche.
I considered myself as a social person,
I like to communicate, to help people,
to share anything that could help, and pointing them in the right direction for them to find a solution.

By going through the search process, when writing articles, I feel that I am gaining more knowledge each time and move forward
it is a good thing to learn something new every day.

I am still on the process to improve all the skills related to making money
To write more content for my website and be indexed by Google regularly

On social media platform
I share my Google+ account and follow ten members, as Kyle's suggestion,
Being active with social media is an excellent way to build my network and improve my ranking with Google
Consistent action is difficult but is the only way to see all of this payoff to achieve my goals.
I've never looked back; I believed this is the best decision business I've ever made.
Be patient and trust the system.


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lesabre Premium
Great stuff Jacqueline. Glad you are here. YES! $1,20 I see there is a , after the 1,20 should we add on a few zero's.
Kerjackie Premium
Will be great to add a few zeroes, that day is coming!
Thank you for your comment
jetrbby80316 Premium
You are doing WONDERFUL Jacqueline, you have come so far!
Keep up the training, working on your evergreen niche, and months from now you will create success in abundance!!

Kerjackie Premium
Thank you, Kaju, you are so awesome to me, I will make it happens, trust me!
jetrbby80316 Premium
I know you will Jacquelne:)
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing Jacqueline.

Kerjackie Premium
You are so welcome, Derek.
heljam404A Premium
Loved your post thanks for sharing.
Kerjackie Premium
Thank you for your time to stop by!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Jacqueline,
I really like what you said at the end of the end of your blog. When you stated Believe in yourself, BE PATIENT, and Trust the system.
Many people recently have not followed these 3 simple principals!!!

Tried and True

Kerjackie Premium
Thank you, Elaine, for your lovely comments, I think this is the only way to make it happens when you believe in yourself!