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Your opinion please for my website's new plan. I am thinking of adding a section, on my home page, in order to increase traffic, my niche is about health and well being, so I thought about focusing on adding a new page, called "My Garden", that I could branch out to more sections like-gardening tips, healthy recipes.First I was thinking of creating another site, but I don't feel I am ready for a second one yet.Because of your opinions, suggestions and advice matter to me, I would appreciate if
October 30, 2018
So glad, I have finally finished the step by step training, I have learned so much through this journey!Importantly for me, how to be patient, confident, motivated and believe in meNo matter the ups and downs sometimes you have to get through, stick to it, don't quit!I have learned how to set some goals in short terms, medium and long-term goals.And work until I achieve one and move on to next.I have built my website, my main focus is to feed my site by writing more and more articles, getting m
Here is what we served to our friends from our kitchenSome great appetizers to start:Pesto, smoked turkey bacon pinwheels, puff pastryWild salmon fume terrine with red pepper, capers. and horseradish cream.Brie, figs on toasted crostiniPate, cornichons (pickles) on toasted baguette Main courseBaked organic chicken with Muscadet winePolenta with a medley of mushroomsGreens beans. DessertApple fondant caramelizedWe all had a great and relaxing time!!
I have been so busy, like all of you I guess! so busy this week! while I was trying to be done with one of my important tasks, writing a content, I had some unexpected visitors coming up, I felt a little bit overwhelmed, and wanted them to leave right away, believe meI am not that kind of person, I am very social and really I love to have friends around, spending time with them, cooking for them, sharing things, but.. If I want to success, I have to seriously try to make it work, right? I have
September 16, 2018
With my husband and friends, went to Santa Rosa. It is a long drive from Sacramento about two hours if there is no traffic, it took us three hours to get up our destination.santa Rosa is a California city in Sonoma County, known for its wineries and for among others sites the Spring Lake is one of Sonoma Country's most popular walking and hiking destinationsWe end up at a friend's house and had a lovely dinner served with tasty wineWe really had a good, relaxing momentThat's the good part of li
September 09, 2018
Hi, everyone, I have been with WA for almost a year, I am glad I joined as a premium memberIt is cheaper to join WA yearly, and the advantage of having access to the entire learning process to educate me on being an expert affiliate.I did learn a lot this year, knowing almost nothing about Internet marketing business before.In the first three months, I struggled to maintain the same level of motivation, because of my " fashion work."I had the hard time to engage myself withthe learning process
Oh, la, la, I think I will give a try to engage myself with the social media platformI need to change my mind on how to use Facebook positively. Until today I was not spending my precious time on it because I had the feeling of wasting it.After following Kyle's course talking aboutthe need to be engaged in that platformI am going to give a try and do everything to be active as much as I can.My first social platform will be to start with Facebook, wish me good luck, please!Jacqueline
I found it so hard to catch up on everything, this week I was trying to reconnect, but the week is gone already, and what I have accomplished? almost nothingWhere is my motivation? Gone?I have been a member at WA for ten months already, almost a year if I want to renew the second year I need to think seriously to have a clear road-map to followHow will I know where I am going?Talking to a friend the other day, who suggested to meWhy don't you start with your end goal in mind and then work back
My ultimate goal was to try to be active as much as I could do it, we know the success is the result of the hard work and effort, but I let myself get stuck by having neck injured with tremendous pain for several weeksI was sitting and keeping a bad posture for too long resulting in severe neck and back pain.Unfortunately, I had to learn the painful way to understand the how is so important to have correctly set up your computer workstation use good work habits. I can tell you seriously Preven
July 08, 2018
Spending time going through the WA training, because going back over the practice help me to understand more fully each step I have accomplished already.I remember the first article I wrote; I stuffed it with the keywords, to remember this time makes me smile.For you newbie, you should focus on having a keyword in a title, then keyword in the description in your first paragraph, and keyword in your last section.When I write content, I try to focus on the details of the message as much as I canM