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Last Update: August 06, 2019

Thinking to share my experience with gratitude. '

I used to travel 40km's to and from a work place 6 days a week on a famous Ring road in my city. There is much traffic and at the time I travelled, the limit was 100km's per hour,

With no incidents all was smooth travelling and it led me to say a gratitude prayer to myself as I drove. The expansion of the construction of this road was now completed with extra lanes opened and full speed signs returned.

So I was enjoying the journey and so I thought to acknowledge my gratitude for the freeway designers and engineers, for the funders and government people who approved the road. Next I thought of the companies and machines and workers who dug up and put in foundations. The bitumen and line work. Importantly the skilled workers and support groups who worked nights on the expansion, away from their familes and kids so travel through the day was not interrupted.

Then I thought of the drivers and their courtesy and patience and control of their vehicles. Not forgetting the construction of the modern vehicles that are comfortable with so many safety features too.

I did this every day even before departing and the daily joy proved an amazing driving experience.

One day though, I forgot to pray and express my gratitude for this mighty road. Well people were cutting me off, others speeding where there was no evidence on other days. I thought what's gong on, my road is now a race track and drivers are careless and selfish in their actions.

I got the message, continue to appreciate what we have and that around us even if we might normally take it for granted.

Appreciation and gratitude daily is the way to go to set up your day on the right path.

It's the best way to get in the now and generally appreciate the nice things around you.

We are aware the past is gone and tomorrow has its own challenges. The only time we have to live and experience and enjoy is the now. And the best way to lock in the timing is with an appreciation session of the things around us, the wonderful circustances that we can be grateful for.

It takes some effort to develop the daily habit of appreciation. Write it down, talk it up, share with those around you. Your mindset will move out of negative, of worry, or of an emptiness with maybe no purpose into optimism, hopefulness and similar.

Next you will attract other like thoughts and your world will out work the positive day you have imaged and acknowledged.

Go well everyone.

Why not share your gratitude experience with us too.


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Nancy29 Premium
Wonderful observations, Ken. I've noticed that we generally get what we expect, and gratitude certainly can smooth the way. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us. All the best!
KenShaddock Premium
Thank you Nancy. "smooth the way". I like that.
NeilBrown Premium
Thanks for your share!
lesabre Premium
Hi Ken,
Showing gratitude and appreciation for all the I have on a daily basis I find is very important. I do not want to lose the chance to forget to say how thankful.

Thank you for sharing.
Best wishes,
KenShaddock Premium
Spot on Michael. Daily is the key for sure.
firstlearn Premium
Great post Ken. We should be showing our gratitude in any way we can.

KenShaddock Premium
Thanks Derek. And it surely has a positive effect.
klchang Premium
Well said, Ken, well said.
Appreciation and gratitude daily is the way to go.
Appreciation is how one offers a prayer of gratitude.
Thanks for sharing, Ken. God bless you and all the best.
KenShaddock Premium
Thank you Chang. God Bless you and yours.