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August 06, 2019
Thinking to share my experience with gratitude. 'I used to travel 40km's to and from a work place 6 days a week on a famous Ring road in my city. There is much traffic and at the time I travelled, the limit was 100km's per hour, With no incidents all was smooth travelling and it led me to say a gratitude prayer to myself as I drove. The expansion of the construction of this road was now completed with extra lanes opened and full speed signs returned. So I was enjoying the journey and so I thoug
1K in Followers in WA. Thank you very much.I am following 3000 members here in 10 months, and since asking for follow backs as a courtesy, followers have topped over 1000. Never alone in WA, and any time of the day, the "bus" is full. We are all journeying together here. Thank you Kyle and Carson for a wonderful community and the technical bits are so fast. I know just on my mobile email there will come a message reminding me that someone has responded to my comment or asked, or there's a webin
March 04, 2019
doing some welcome encouragements tonite (down under)and noiced the duplicated starter profiles. Here's the response of a batch on new starters just now. This is the profile to watch for."Im a newbie at this. I stumbled across W. A by accident, started this way cant copy the whole piece not allowed. I wont be welcoming them. Third time I have experienced this issue. Date now in Australia 4 March 2019.Ken
January 04, 2019
Just doing some training in the WA training section at the end of a busy day in WA, and a pop up in my face saying new 200 Member Badge. Updates adjust at 10pm in my part of the world, so I knew it was close, but surprised me. I began in May 2018 and now, but not always, spend time here every day. I guess that's a commitment process, but not like those young ones who spend time in Facebook every day with all sorts of drama, the time I spend in WA is way more friendly, the goal to support othe
Hi everyone, down here in Australia, Christmas day is well underway with family gatherings and already big celebrations at Church, lunches and the evening meal. Lots of family get-togethers, the distant ones on facetime etc.When you have been in WA a while, as I have since May 2018, the studies and connections, breakthroughs and new ideas and confidences have allowed me to step out and build, expand or in some cases just get started in new online income action.All the teachings, trainings, webi
In the growth of a pet's life comes daily routines, the habit of words and trained commands until the owners' direction is predictable. So long as we are consistent with the patterns and routines the pet will know instantly what to do next. The training works around rewards from "treats" to the meal of the day. Our pet Cindy is real clever at training school: she looks with her nose for the treats other owners have dropped. Why because she's found them before. She understands many words like "
November 15, 2018
My first Blog:Just want to share a successful search in Word Press plug ins. I had tried to think through, even ask for helps with storing my 29 minute audio MP3 file somewhere while I promote it and have it released when someone orders my product. Had a few false starts, even click bank said the file was too fat for their system and Itunes wouldn't store it so I could market it.Then I found GumRoad, they store it easily on the free version too. Charge the customer when purchased, calculate the