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Last Update: September 02, 2014

Well today has been fun, I have been working through the Level 2 Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website and making up for the last couple of lazy days!

Once again, I have done a lot of this before on my own business website, but it turns out that I wasn't doing it as effectively as I could have!

So everyday I am learning something new. For instance, I was not aware of Wikimedia! What a fantastic resource, I found all the images I needed on this site and will be using it from now on.

Getting the images and text alignment right in each page is proving to be tricky but I am happy with the results so far.

I also need to go through the pages and post and make sure I am using keywords effectively. So much to remember!

So, please take a look at my site and give me some feedback! I have broad shoulders so please do not hold back!

Progress looking good:

Rank 604 (tried to get it below 600 today)

Network 90

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tribe82 Premium
Thanks for the insight into Wikimedia. I was not aware of this resource. I will check it out. Once again, this WA community proves to be invaluable!
KeithM2576 Premium
I got this from the Level 2 training course, Lesson 5 Making Use of Visuals.
JeanR Premium
Your site has great tips. You gave me incentive to start my garden. Left a comment . Thanks for sharing.
Much Success.
KeithM2576 Premium
Thanks Jean. I'll check the comments later when I get time to do some WA work!
SSimpson Premium
Hi. I like your site. It's clean, fun, and informative. I think you've picked a great niche. (And I like that you have also confessed on About Me that your wife helps. ;O)
CarlaIves Premium
Looks like a great start. The only thing I would change at this time. . . and this is just me. . . is the font that your site title is in. It's very plain and, for some reason, doesn't look right to me. Again, that's me and I tend to be a bit weird. Good Luck!
KeithM2576 Premium
I agree Carla. I am also not happy about the word wrap but I am having trouble with the theme. It centres the text in the editor and doesn't wrap it but left justifies and wraps in the site! Will look at fonts later. I am actually a lot happier with the look on my mobile phone!
SonjaHelga Premium
Looking Good