I'm Back!

Last Update: September 27, 2014

Hi everyone.

I am back from my short break to go to my Mum's 90th birthday party. She is now in Singapore partying with my brother and sister and I am back to work. I think brother and sister got the better deal!

First things first, I go away and when I get back my rank has dropped below 300! I'm impressed. But I have missed you guys and your support and help and funny posts, and.......

So now down to work. I will have to work out were I got to, but I think I was in the middle of writing another post. Then I think it is into stuff about money! Woohoo, I like the sound of that!

Meanwhile, I subscribe to a number of newsletters, etc and one of my favourites just wrote a great post on passion, the link to it is below and I recommend you all read it. Some very true and useful insights in this article.


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dynamite8 Premium
Glad to see your back!
cookma54 Premium
Welcome back!
CarlaIves Premium
Welcome back, Keith! Glad you had a good time with Mum. Now, as you say, back to work. Thanks for the article!
tribe82 Premium
I like the article about Jobs. The "truth" is always a bit more nuanced than the sound bites and the trade show speeches a lot of us end up seeing.
tmmom Premium
Very interesting, thanks for sharing!