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July 09, 2015
OK, so I have a website and it is a top level domain (.com) to make it look International ( So far so good.But I just can't get my head around this Going Global thing.For instance, I am looking for affiliate programs and most of them appear to be US based (I am in Australia) and a few are in Europe or Asia. But they don't all deliver their products overseas, in fact one of the US ones don't deliver to a number of Southern states (what is this, some sort of prejudice
Bugger, just wrote a blog post and lost it, so lets try again! Things are definitely not going to plan at the moment. I have had no time to work on WA as work keeps getting in the way. I just spent over 5 hours trying to sort out broken email on a client's iPad and iPhone. Very frustrating and still unresolved! It worked fine when I set it up on my Samsung S4! I think it is the 3G connection that is the problem. Anyway, back to the post heading! Millennium and Heartbleed I am sure most of you h
September 27, 2014
Hi everyone. I am back from my short break to go to my Mum's 90th birthday party. She is now in Singapore partying with my brother and sister and I am back to work. I think brother and sister got the better deal! First things first, I go away and when I get back my rank has dropped below 300! I'm impressed. But I have missed you guys and your support and help and funny posts, and....... So now down to work. I will have to work out were I got to, but I think I was in the middle of writing anothe
September 22, 2014
Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and working away on WA and, hopefully making money! This is just a very short post to say I will be back soon for my short break to attend my Mum's 90th birthday in Western Australia. Below is a picture of one of the beautiful beaches nearby. We walked along here this afternoon and had dinner by the beach then watched the sunset. Look out for me on Friday, I should be back into it by then.
Sorry but there have been many distractions recently so I haven't been around WA very much. We are getting ready for our trip to attend my Mum's 90th birthday party and we will be away for a week but as always there is so much to do before one leaves! Back on track. Started on level 3 training and just published my third post using a low hanging fruit keyword. This post took far too long to write for some reason. No idea why, it just did. It's not like I had writer's block or anything, I just
To all my friends and followers out there, my apologies if I have been a bit quiet and not responding to posts, comments and questions. I have had a busy few days with my J.O.B. trying to earn enough money to pay the bills but most importantly to earn enough for our short break to fly across Australia to my Mum's 90th birthday party! The decision had to be made So 30 days down the track and what have I achieved? Well firstly, it became apparent very early on that I just had to become a Prem
Well today has been fun, I have been working through the Level 2 Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website and making up for the last couple of lazy days! Once again, I have done a lot of this before on my own business website, but it turns out that I wasn't doing it as effectively as I could have! So everyday I am learning something new. For instance, I was not aware of Wikimedia! What a fantastic resource, I found all the images I needed on this site and will be using it from now on. Gettin
August 31, 2014
OK, only un-productive as far as WA is concerned! Woke up today and the sun was shining, the first time in about 3 weeks, so we decided to get out into the garden. I decided it was time to prune the damn plum tree before it flowered again and it was just starting to do so! So a few hours up a ladder with the pruning gear and job done! Now I am sitting down starting to regret it with aching neck, arms, shoulders and hands! But it was a change from sitting in front of a computer. Also managed
August 29, 2014
Well, not totally wasted. I did manage to read WA emails, respond to blog posts & questions, etc but made no real progress with training. Wasted a lot of the morning chasing around after my daughter, not her fault, just one of those things. Having said that I have never been in the camp of 100% dedication to internet marketing or any subject for that matter. I have a family and a life and need time for them. I remember reading a while ago some guru going on about not wasting your precious t
Well, it all seems to be going well so far. Basic training done, niche selected, domain bought, website up, pages created and content done, email setup done! I did have a bit of a hiatus. I suffer migraines and although I can control them with drugs I feel "hungover" when I take the drugs and really cannot function properly so I spent some time yesterday just staring at the screen feeling sorry for myself whilst I recovered. Still not great but at least functioning almost normally now. I couldn