Live Videos; A valuable training tool.

Last Update: October 27, 2014

I have been with the WA community for about a year now. I am slow to follow the training and work on my own website. Maybe just me being a little lazy, side tracked, or just not confident in myself. Either way, I am not moving very fast.

I did take a break late last year and rejoined early this year. Just seemed to get stuck in writing material for my website, but just felt lost.

This fall, I decided to join a live video class, but as usual, life activities got in my way. I have a son in High School who participates in the marching band as well as a grandson who is on the football team with hopes of starting. So, I had to follow them instead of the live class.

I finally took one of the video classes last week from September 26, 2014. I took "Article Research Walkthrough" by Jay.

I want to tell you that that video replay is just what the doctor ordered. It gave me focus, a platform for researching my current article as well as desire to progress with more.

The last few days I have been using what I learned, which has made it more exciting and easier to write the content. Follow what he teaches along with Kyle's instruction. I have full confidence that you can't go wrong.

I could give you examples, show you what I am working on, but for those of you who are new to the business and in the beginning stages, I say watch the video training. Along with Kyle's training, and what Jay and others provide, you will get well worth what we pay for and then some.

So just look to the left, under Training, Live Video Classes , browse and enjoy.

Take care and best wishes to all.

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KatieMac Premium
Jays webinars are a very valuable resource and I am glad you have found a way to move forward once more wish you all the best
NWTDennis Premium
Jay's webinars are pretty amazing. I'm not clear if he is on the WA pay roll or just a high ranking member, but his easy going approach makes even newbies confident they can follow.

I save the New Training added email from Carson in a file for review and study at my own pace. Makes it easy to rewind and repeat any part that is not yet clear. These webinars range from 1 to 1.5 hours and are a huge reason this is the best internet marketing training platform on the web.
kholmes Premium
That is on the to do list, thanks for the post. :))
kbyer Premium
Lady May Premium
I much prefer videos that's why I signed up to WA.
Christabelle Premium
I agree that the video tutorials are awesome. I am always referring people to them! :) So glad to hear how they have helped you to progress! :) I am also glad to hear you are taking the time to enjoy the boys and to be there for them! :)
kbyer Premium
Yes I always have supported them. My current fulltime job is very demanding, but I always let all know that I set aside time for the different areas in my life. Family is important. This profession will come in time. I have faith that it will.

Thanks for the comment.