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April 25, 2016
So, you have achieved the ultimate status or number of followers. You are on top of the it all. One question************?????How is your website doing??Well to be honest, mine is just hanging there. Not much happening, no sales leads, just a few views and the number seems to be climbing. But No conversions....................Its my problem.............I just haven't put in the work.i do come back time to time to read and look at some training, but just haven't dedicated myself into the program.
I have been with the WA community for about a year now. I am slow to follow the training and work on my own website. Maybe just me being a little lazy, side tracked, or just not confident in myself. Either way, I am not moving very fast. I did take a break late last year and rejoined early this year. Just seemed to get stuck in writing material for my website, but just felt lost. This fall, I decided to join a live video class, but as usual, life activities got in my way. I have a son in High S
You know when you turn on your television to watch something of your choice, you are always interrupted by the age old commercial. Some of the non network channels have short form infomercials that will repeat the basic message multiple times. These as well as the regular network commercials, radio commercials can be quite irritating, especially if heard over and over. I know, I get agitated at this stage in my life. So, what I am about to write about is that in our blogging and writing our con
I felt compelled to write this blog due to seeing just how many of us have been having some really challenging situations. We have seen an assortment of challenges. Technical Issues Financial No time for the WA (work) Family matters Health It just goes to show us that "Life Does come at you Fast" But the unique thing I noticed is the strong desire of those with these obstacles to overcome them and not be HELD BACK!! No for the true WA member, they have a desire, passion to continue on in any wa
May 06, 2014
Hello everyone. I hope all are having a great day / evening. I have a new or redesigned website that I am working on that I would like some feed back on from some you here at WA. I did start out last year here at WA, but took a leave of absence from the WA community to clear my thoughts, and to refocus myself as to what it is I am working with. What I am referring to is that with this type of business, most of us struggle as newcomers. We are eager to take it in, and eager to get started. As we
December 21, 2013
I am by no means an expert. I am still in the learning experitmental stage. Many changes to my website, pages, themes, etc............. For the past several days I have been reading several blogs from other WA members and soaking in their experiences and observing while taking note of the information being passed along. A couple of days ago I saw a blog relating to website traffic. One of the wordpress tools or plugins that can be used is Stat counter. I had recently set up Google Analytics,
December 07, 2013
Today my daughter asked me a question. Unbelievably it was in line with my niche. She wants to get her daughter a cellphone for Christmas........what up front price......can we add it to exitisting I need to go with a seperate plan............All of the usual questions......... But what really hit me and what came to my mind is what I have read from so many others; "You need to tell your potential customers how you can fill their needs". I have been here since end of October 20
I work for a telecommunications company. It basically is the same one, but with a third name. Total combined time in the Industry equals to 32 years. Hard to believe that it has already been that long. I have learned a lot in those years and I find myself as a tech support specialist, the go to person for so many. I owe it all to those who were my seniors. I watched what they did, how they did it, and asked the questions that I needed to in order to learn what I am able to do. The other ingredi
October 31, 2013
I just finished responding to Kyle's comments about being a WA Premium member and what this business can do for you. I wanted to thank both Kyle and Carson for their hard work and bringing this to not only myself but to us all. For years I looked into this business, not really knowing where to start. I was skeptical about the "Get Rich Now" sites. It was also difficult for me to gain any knowledge of how this all works and ties together. Career, family, honey do lists, all tied my time up. Aft