I Did It. I went Premium!!

Last Update: October 31, 2013

I just finished responding to Kyle's comments about being a WA Premium member and what this business can do for you. I wanted to thank both Kyle and Carson for their hard work and bringing this to not only myself but to us all. For years I looked into this business, not really knowing where to start. I was skeptical about the "Get Rich Now" sites. It was also difficult for me to gain any knowledge of how this all works and ties together. Career, family, honey do lists, all tied my time up.

After finding this opportunity and working it for the past six days, I do not have a doubt that this is it. Good information, put simple and at a pace we can work with.

Great community of people with common interests, and goals. Everyone willing to help out and be there for one another.

Where else would you like to be??

Now, I have nothing to stop me but myself.

Again, Thankyou Kyle and Carson for making this possible

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Carson Premium Plus
Hi Kenneth!

Welcome to the Premium Team! You're going to love everything that is offered and be able to literally build and run your entire business from one place now. You've got all the training, all the tools, the Premium website network, and the ability to keep in touch and work along side many others within the community.

I personally look forward to working with you and I'm glad that you've taken a stance against the "Get rich quick" junk that litters the Internet!

You're going to do great things with WA in your corner :)

lanesamarie Premium
Welcome to the dark side:) For sure you will like it in here...I wish you all the best...Nenita
harvman0 Premium
Congratulations! It's great they let you try it out with the discount first. It may be the best investment you ever made. the support ffrom other members who were once in the exact place you are now is invaluable. soak it all in, but work at your own pace.

Good luck and congrats again!
Rick Jantz Premium
You will really enjoy being Premium. One of my favorites is the Friday WAbinar Jay (magistudios) puts on. You can check them out in the "Live Video Classes" in the left column. Maybe you'll be on tomorrow? It's about Keywords.
wdeal11 Premium
Congratulations You now have everthing you need to make money online if I can be of any help let me know