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In the last week, I have suddenly become an unemployed staff of my local hospital by reporting for various tests and examinations in various parts of the building. I am exhausted but grateful.

An initial CT scan revealed a lesion in the brain which was why the right hand was affected. A second chCT scan was ordered for the next day which further revealed Lung Cancer (LC).

'How' I asked? I have never smoked in my life. The prognosis was being delivered in the presence of a family member, consultant, a resident cancer charity staff and two student doctors.

The bit that surprised the consultant is lack of symptoms like headache, double vision, pain, vomits etc apart from the hand behaving badly. The steroids are helping the hand for now while I awaiting other treatments to be discussed soon including drawing fluid from my brain to determine next course of action.

| cried a bit but determined right there that it will not define me. It's another challenge I have to accept and live through. People do beat LC and forms of cancer, I count myself as one of them. The particular detail or type is not named yet till later this week when an MRI scan taken yesterday is looked at by consultants of another hospital. I have a meeting with them this week.

I've started receiving instructions on some sudden life changes including being signed off work, lots of visits in and out of hospitals. When one door shuts, other doors opens were my thoughts at the time. It's interesting how life changes suddenly.

What I am learning:

Tomorrow is promised no one

Embrace the movement of my cheese

Learn new skill

Use skills I already have to enhance my new learning

Stop crawling on this platform and start walking

Determined to overcome this

Thanks for reading and sending your prayers.

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I am sending you my hug and prayer Kav!

First thing first have faith to keep closed determination to not give in to LC, we always put hope in our heart and mind too, you were not alone!

Want to share what my oncologist said, You will not kill by Cancer but the stress is, think positive, surround yourself a gd friends.

Stick on organic vegetables & natural foods specially the natural way to do detox and what’s good and read all what goods and avoid all the things that will make it worst!

Hang in there,

Thanks so much.
The fear of anything is always a danger.

FEAR, Kav:

You must rise above it to see the way in, the way out.
Who will take you there? Fear does not come from this capital one.
Nope, and you have had more than your share of sorrows, and not science-based restrictions from where you worked.
Fear pounces, knowing weak human nature. You are not a small child anymore. Nope, that is not the Kav that we Know and LOVE! Fear freezes and seizes!

Stop listening and responding to it with your false self. Fear is a bully. Starting right now, this very moment, change your seat of consciousness to not respond to this Bully anymore.

Then you will be free of "it". Free forever if you quickly, silently hide and still this response! Whatever the weird experience testing you for a weak response, don't give it what "it" wants. You will get stronger, and it will fear you, because you are choosing to turn toward the light and not tremble anymore!
There you go my fearless friend, think about the power in all of that. put it on and be better as you walk into real life, as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Few figure this out, will you, dear friend?.


Yes, and because you know that you must rise above it and take your rightful place to control it. Remember that if you hear the word "know", know is the mind speaking. The absolute power word, comes from your heat of hearts, the seat of your consciousness. So when you hear the word, believe, that is the heart speaking.
You are getting a fast track lesson to growing ^^up^^!

The heart is the place to live from. The mind in its rightful place is merely a tool of the heart. Read this until you get how important this statement really is.

The mind/ ego will fight you and resist being dethroned. But to have sanity it must be relegated, and never reinstated to what it was. Teach it to do tasks, and go fetch. Praise it for exactly completing the"task" and nothing more! It's training time, and your time is in low supply. If "mind" wants quality time with you, It much complete tasks, and just liike dog training, relax (go to it's bed, leave you alone!) when you command it to.
EGO was an ancient preservation tool, making quick decisions via old tracks of reacting "instinctively" like an animal,
Do you see now what has been running your show in the dark? Old programming that is not even yours runs a big part of your life, until you see it, question it to death. While letting your heart of hearts run your life in a "protected" mode until you absolutely feel the difference, and live from your heart.
Dr. Joe Dispenza, was in an accident, where the MD's offered him something no person had ever survived from.
Being a chiropractor, in his mind all waking moments he spent putting his crushed spine and bone back into perfect, living order, and in the short of it, he lives with no sign of this massive accident. Further he along with Bruce Lipton, are masters of the power of the mind. Look them up if you have a chance sometime.
A Dr. Joe quote that I love is this. "In this age of information (hey it verily is at our fingertips, Kav.), Ignorance is a choice."

OK. leaving you to your own stuff now. dear Kav,

Absolutely but with you here around our WA family avoid being alone find us here 🤗

After all you got this Kav, we’re behind you!

Life’s full of surprises got time to step up to positivity Kav!

Take care

I hear you but be brave and face the LC, you can do it . . .with Suzay advice too !

With prayer,



I totally agree with you.
I have listened to them in the past on youtube.
Thanks for the reminder.

Love you, Joce! Thank you for loving on Kav and encouraging him to fight and be educated. bold and brave!

Aww Suzay bless your heart!


Fleeky is right about internal cleanse and detox.
Boswellia Serata is probably not a plant growing in most people's gardens, but you can buy the oil. The one from India is perfect and may help you with the brain thing. We are talking about frankincense, and how it works. If you had age spots, and apply a drop regularly, they dry up and go away. It will not hurt you on your finger to rub the roof of your mouth with it. Some E.oils should not be ingested, but this one is so to the good side. Look it up. I gave some to my friends for what you were talking about, and the other was skin tag, age spots, moles which could become pre-cancerous. Gone! One of the 3 gifts of the Magi, whoever they were they were travelling with a load of several tractor trailers, dude, reasy for delivery!
I don't know where you live, but Americans have a SAD standard American diet! It is meant to kill off, along with 5 GGGGG, you said you worked in a hospital, probably with The G's. And with all of the GMO\s. fluoride in water, chemtrails, processed foods, "plant-based "meats' full of glyphosate, Round up.
Now the graveyard is the mega farmlands, where millions of dead bodies from the "Cvid" sluiced and juiced onto farmland in over 30 states. Yup we all need to cleanse our guts, liver, etc. Stop using fluoride toothpaste, baking soda will not kill you! Fluoride weakens bones, induces arthritis, need we go on?
Kav, stop eating sugar as it is the food of choice for cancer! The sugar gives a cancer the Go Sign, and the energy to metastasize cancer cells to spread.
Man, you should see all the sugary treats the cancer patients take to and share with their c-buddies at Chemo and radiation treatments. Which treatments are highly ineffective, but let's run everybody through them that we can for their $, and a few will live a little longer?
Yup, because it kills the parent cells, then the daughter cell come back with a vengeance! Unless there is a nasty clean environment with nothing for them to eat, and thousands of old byproducts from yeast production waste in the gut.
Everyone has inflammation from wheat, barley or rye. It shows itself in 8 different ways in the bidy, a couple are arthritis, inflammation in joints, skin eruptions, even dry skin in winter, when lotions are pushed every winter, as people eat pancakes, with sugary syrups, etc.
Main thought here, Kav is Nutrition and essential oils, natural care of one's body is not the Wheelhouse of AMA trained doctor, insurance and medical system.
They are good at being cut-ups, but beware of their sorcery after that, (drugs), pharmekia.
Read Rockefeller Files, by Gary Allen. view at blah and blah! view only or buy a used copy. Published 1976.
It will give you the Big Why you in your right mind, should not seek help from them. I mean Really Get A Different Opinion.
Nothing has changed unless you like deception? This is a huge read for your understanding, intriguing as well as enlightening.

From the Wiki Quickie we have Campbell and Campbell's :The China Study examines the link between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and bowel cancer.[4] The book is "loosely based"[5] on the China–Cornell–Oxford Project, a 20-year study which looked at mortality rates from cancer and other chronic diseases from 1973 to 1975 in 65 counties in China, and correlated this data with 1983–84 dietary surveys and blood work from 100 people in each county.

The authors conclude that people who eat a predominantly whole-food, vegan diet—avoiding animal products as a source of nutrition, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates—will escape, reduce, or reverse the development of numerous diseases.
Shield you from your wi-fi, look up protective clothing, paint, use your answer.socrates, as it gives links, I think. Just be smart, be calm.

Every increase/disturbance of earth's energy field, ie no more lantern light, instead, alternating current and electrical lines over the earth, cell phones 1G,2G, etcG has resulted in creation of disease names to blame the real causes. AIDs via actor/ perpetrator Fauci, influenza, zika, Cvid. Study it Kav, increase historicity kind of knowledge so you can fight for your life, and live to tell your grandchildren,


You’ve given me a mini thesis to analyse here. I will look into these things.
I’m definitely looking into my diet and removing offending ones.
I don’t work in the hospital but from last week l’d become an unpaid staff visiting different departments for various things.
Amazing how one’s life can dramatically change in a moment.
But lm thankful!

Yes, she resumes it so well
Keep hope
We are with you in this
You will overcome


I believe.

Make sure to keep up with your docs...

You mean documenting?

Yes and doctors as well...

Yes good reminder. Thanks
I had an health scare like this 23 years where l was in coma for few days but was not well documented.
This one l’ve been putting my random and weird thoughts on Google doc through voice typing in addition to other formal means.

Kav, remember Who you must overcome With. With is the key, because He sees you in a box surrounded by unknowns. How did this happen to me? Was I generating so much stress, I kept my pH in the acid range, where anything can go wrong? Surrounded by your fears is no good without a lifeguard, right? Did you get the casting lesson as a child, about how to fish? Casting up and casting down. Every evening when your head hits the pillow, all the events of the day will have been sorted. Funny how the heavies go up to someone who can deal with them, so your sleep is clean, healing and deep. And the stuff that confuses you, drop it. Down it goes!
I suggest you kind of step out of yourself, just enough to take a look at who you have BEEN. Have you missed hearing your authentic self-wanting to be heard? Body breaking down ask it without judgement, how can you help it, Vow to listen, and do what it says. This is not nuts!
You are caretaker to others. When did you do full maintenance schedule on yourself, including oil change?
You can't ask outside of yourself, for answers from your heart and authentic self. Dear Kav, that is an inside job. Ask your own heart the questions you have been seeking answers from via people, and not your own heart.
Maybe you had ignored its true worth, it is priceless. People lose their minds, but if you never had a heart, or lost your "heart of hearts, AKA seat of consciousness, you have lost everything.
Re-ignite, and live from it,

May they be Naturopathic Docs, who will spend the time to get to the core of your issue in wholistic ways. you will have a best chance of pulling through unscathed and much wiser, responsive, and responsible. Bless you, Kav, we fight on our knees, if you know what I mean. If you search, you may find a doc who has both credentials. The archaic Rockefeller system, including insurance only pays for its own way, excluding the other, because it doesn't flush the system repeatedly with money and would pay the competition, who have a higher ethic, which is to have you healed, and involved in your own health.


TONS of "meat" in this comment (not trying to be snarky here, just having a little fun playing with words!)... : )

I have dropped most meats and processed foods and moved to a mainly plant-based diet for over 2 years (a vice - beer - is that plant-based?)...


I wish the best for Kav, I know a bit about what this whole situation involves - it ain't nice...

My experiences/why the changes in diet/lifestyle:

I was diagnosed with skin cancer over 3 (?) years ago...In thinking back not sure if it was 2 or 3 years...Old age creeping into play here?

My solution was to NOT go through the traditional regimens as recommended by so many Doctors and armchair doctors...

Instead, diet, lifestyle, and mindset changes have been used with success (to now)...

Also a bit of surgery, some topical medicines, and additional supplements/dietary adjustments...


Tomorrow no one knows, but today it is clear that that was the right choice...

I am here writing this, so there is some indication that my logic has been sound (for today anyway)...Anyway...

Of course, it will be different for each person confronted with some stark choices to make, and with the clock ticking down, it can be easy to follow carte-blanche what is recommended by the so-called "experts."

I highly recommend getting some second opinions before making any moves that involve invasive surgery or worse...That goes for anyone who has been diagnosed with a calamitous disease or condition...

Back to your comments...

You are right about this whole planet being poisoned by humanity's actions, the greed factor (IMO), pharma plus greed/capitalist influences (money is be all and end all?), etc...

The world was such a nice place (apparently), and somehow we humans have managed to muck it up and make it a hazard just going about daily life in so many areas...

The pace of the destruction seems to have picked up since I was a kid eating the freshly fallen snow in Northern Minnesota (not advisable these days, who knows what is in that snow!)...

Breathe the air? Not advisable...Full of chemicals and toxins. Eat the foods? Not advisable...Extremely unhealthy. Use the products? Not advisable...They will poison you (check as many will have toxins/chemicals that have negative side effects)...

And so it goes...

Thanks for your input...I have made some notes on your voluminous comments and will be researching further...

My take:

Foods can bolster the body's defenses and the body is a wonderful machine that can repair lots of damage using those defense systems...

To go along with the foods, a change in outlook and habits can also help them do their job more effectively.

All this requires a lot less of the standard recommended (and expensive/lucrative for the big corporations) treatments that are out there...

Do the research for sure...This is where the skills used for online business comes into play. We know how to search for keywords, we know how to see what is out there...

Loved this comment (and the others)...

Thanks for taking the time to put it together...


Dave : )

Like. Like. Like!!!! Thank you, Dave, I really hope Kav considers this set of choices of self-respond ability, as you have. And selah, considers, that MD does not mean "Minor Deity."

Never let anyone else choose your life path for you!! Iatrogenic means dpctor caused death's and damage.
>>>Doctors kill more people in the US than any disease, yearly.<<
Thank you, Dave!

I'll be back, I lost my comment, and have to be up in Kingman soon!

Dave, I really like how you write. Thank you!

Thanks much Suzay...You are well versed in a lot of things...Cheers! Dave : )

I like you too! Thank you for your tremendous insight!

Yes you are right.

Suzay is a pro!

Thank you.

I’ve been making some changes to my diet and even before this happened which is why symptoms have been minimal.

I intend to pursue both options especially as the brain tumour is affecting some basic body functions.

I’m definitely not relying totally on medical as l know it’s driven by money.
Interestingly last year l acquired an allotment without the necessary skills to cultivate my garden but l now know why.

You know, Kav. what does it hurt to put a drop of frankincense not the perfumy kind but the healing one, purfumy kind is "cut" with what? One from India is a sure thing, and in fact probably no-one put a curse on it. Ok, put a drop on your thumb and rub it on the roof of your mouth. It really helps to do it, looking into a mirror, looking intently into your own eyes, and say, thank you to whoever you thank with your heart, for healing you.
I happened to be in a line waiting with a bunch of people. So I got to talking to the person in front of me. Her name was Crystal. In talking, she said that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I said, well I have the perfect thing for you if your faith is the "C" kind. She said yes!.. I said, then this must be for you, because I asked my friend Teri for it last night, at study.
OK, then , and I told her about the thumb thing, and look into your eyes, and each time "bind" the evil spirit manifesting as brain tumor, and how to do that with praise.
I didn't see her for maybe 3 months when she turned up at a woman's study at my friend, Barbara's house. She said, the doctor was dumb-founded. He had to pick his jaw off the floor. He tested Crystal twice and found nothing. "It" was completely gone! She said, my spiritual life is forever redefined!
Then there was a whole lot of hugging and joy going on for the deliverance that had happened. Much is available to those who believe, like get your life back, only much more thankful, seated above the earth, not so involved in the insanity below, that wants to pull you down to it's low level.
MD's trained to not value the soul.
Here is a gift to you, Kav.
It works as you work it. I am an energy healer, so I never take it for granted, when it happens through me for others.
And when it happens through you for you; you will never take that pure love for granted either. Begin today to change everything to your true and free self, live in the light, will become delight.
Zay my

Thrive and obliterate the news
What is out there to beat this

We’ll all find out.

Oh Kav...! What a terrible news... !
Hard to like your post.

Yes, determined to overcome...

Most cancers can be cured as of today!
Keep hope...
Am a survivor also, for 14 years now
Without modern medecine, I would be no more

Wishing you all the best, blessings, and prayers


How did you do it without modern medicine?
What type of cancer was it?
Did you document your journey anywhere?

Wow, snap. I had an er of the bowel. My whole stomach swelled up, felt like a balloon because I couldn’t pass anything.
They operated as soon asI went to hospital, 15 hours in surgery…
Luckily I woke up after.
We are all stronger than we think.

Did not document it... and found none... too terrible to tell

Modern medecine saved me, terrible surgeries...
just do not wait... time is most important here
Early diagnose before it spreads. Was my luck


Yes Stephen...
Good to know you are still here

For now hospitals are hard to access
All patients suffer from lack of diagnosis and follow up
Begins to look like a genocide

People dying all around

Some countries are better than others.
I have always found the poorest give more.

Modern medicine saved you.
The options will be discussed with me this week, the therapies and the tablet route.

I'm surprised you say that, poorest giving more.

In my few days there, I spoke to recycled patients.

Make sure to eat alcaline, drink water and detox


Yes, Stephen, it is good you woke up and rejoined the living with more intensity. I'd sure miss you and your kindness toward others melts our hearts.

Awww, thanks Zay.

Kav, I'm so sorry about your diagnosis
Your positivity is endearing
So important for a second option
Please keep us posted on how you get on

I will keep you posted.

Thank you

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