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February 10, 2022
Following the results of the 2 CT scans ( head and chest) and an M|RI scan (head), revealing the various problems, today was feedback day to me the patient.The process was very simple.The surgeon doesn't think a full brain surgery would be necessary and she explained the process and the side effects.A team of neurologists will be delivering targeted Radiotherapy. to the problem area.The process will be completed in a month.The second set of surgery will be performed by oncologists to remove the
February 10, 2022
'If you want something done, give it to a busy person'.I struggle with statement, if they are already stretched, why do they need to take on more work?|I understand this to an extent but I also have a problem with the statement.Why not give whateve needs done to a less busy person?What do you think?
February 07, 2022
In the last week, I have suddenly become an unemployed staff of my local hospital by reporting for various tests and examinations in various parts of the building. I am exhausted but grateful.An initial CT scan revealed a lesion in the brain which was why the right hand was affected. A second chCT scan was ordered for the next day which further revealed Lung Cancer (LC).'How' I asked? I have never smoked in my life. The prognosis was being delivered in the presence of a family member, consultan
February 03, 2022
This is not about the Sitcom but about the changes happening to my right hand.This started in December when I noticed I couldn't write properly with my right hand and thought it have been an onset of RSI or Carpal. No unbearable pain was involved but fingers and 3 toes later exhibited pain when stretched.I visited the doctor a few days later, he ruled out mini-stroke and he felt there was some sensation on my right. I wasn't completely pleased with his examination but left anyway. He told me to
January 24, 2022
As more and more countries advocate 'Learning to live with COVID' or changes in plans.I just want to find out what this means in different countries desiring an end to mandates.I believe one of the implications is accepting COVID as we've accepted Flu and hoping for things to return to normal. What do you think?
A new year resolution is a positive change someone makes in the new year. Many find it easier to make a change in the first month of a new year as a sign of new beginnings. New Year resolutions are goals you desire to attain a fresh start, adopt new habits. It has become a tradition over the years, an expensive one in some cases.The best way to stick to your New Year's resolutions is to break them into smaller pieces and make them SMART.Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goa
September 05, 2021
Opportunities also referred to niches abound but finding them requires work.The difference between success or failure is finding a profitable one.Profitable niche =high demand +low competitionHope you are enjoying your weekend!
Man is creating machines more intelligent than himself but no, something is missing, no soul.The world is on the verge of a global age.These machines, also called Robots have passed the Turing test.So what is a Turing Test Turing test is also referred to as imitation test. It is a test done to determine how close a robot is able to exhibit intelligent behavior which matches humans. Human evaluator will judge natural language conversations between human and the machine. (Wikipedia)In comes Lil M
Are they hoping to compete with Medium?People will be able to subscribe to your content at a price you set.Quora will retain 5%Who benefits? Regular content creators.How can non-regular creators benefit?Would this really take-off like Medium?What do you think?Leave your thoughts below.Kav