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Last Update: April 25, 2018

Intent ! what does this mean

I am currently going through Bootcamp and SWAG training it all feels quite intense and at times I feel there is not enough hours in the day as well as brain power. Having said that it is quite the rush to.

In my boot camp lesson ( Content with intent) I learned to see writing from a completely new angle, have included the link below should you wish to check it out.

I thought what does it mean to write with intent ! I also read a post by a great member who posed the question are we writing content for the sake of it or does it have value to it. this really got me thinking, after checking the actual meaning of intent I saw that it has been broken down in to three parts.

  • Noun: Intention of purpose, so what is the purpose of our post ? what to we want to relay to the visitors who will read our article.
  • Adjective: The determination to to something, so are we determined to produce a good article, will it answer questions, does it explain a problem, will it provide a solution and does it help them understand the subject we are writing about
  • Adjective: Expression of earnest and eager attention, this is what we are seeking from our readers, when we write can we convey the emotion behind the article, can they feel your passion for what you're writing about, can you create a personal connection to the reader.

When we read something out it is easier for the audience to connect, gives them a feeling for who we are, see confidence behind what we are sharing and generally give an impression of our character, this is something that is harder to convey through the written word.

It's a bit like when you are reading a novel, does the story draw you in, is it interesting and do you feel included in the process of the story, now a story from a novel differs a bit from what we do, however we are sharing our story which could be an experience of creating something or a product we have used, can we still inject this into our post ?

If the person was face to face with you. How would you conversation go ? would there would be a degree of passion, explanation, understanding and a connection with the person you are talking to, this is how we need to feel when we are writing and I believe that it can be felt through you're writing.

Sometimes we need to revisit some lessons to really grasp the process and often you can see it from a different angle.

On a different note I am slowly making my way through Bootcamp and SWAG I am a bit behind as almost two weeks was lost in April, I was not as productive due to time spent with my family, so I am doubling my efforts to get through the tasks assigned, I do love this journey and learning to process.

I have been working on being more confident and have been using Lumen 5 to create video's and I am just loving it.I really do not know why I kept putting this aspect off, as it is very simple and easy to use.

I am struggling to decide on which topics to write about for my website and I often feel frustrated with myself in this area.

Some tips for writing

  • Do your research but to not spend too much time on it, Jaxxy helps save time
  • Have a picture of yourself on your website, this can help people connect with you
  • Read your post out loud
  • Imagine you are chatting with someone and telling them either about a product or explaining how to to something
  • Write when you are in the right frame of mind, if I am feeling a bit flat I will play good music to up the beat and mood
  • Think about your topic, put the timer on for 30 mins and just write what comes into you mind on that subject, changes, images and even the title can be added later ( a tip from Kyle and works great for me)
  • If you not in the mood for writing then do not write do some other tasks such as research, keywords or tidying up you website, another great member Nathaniell says even 10mins a day still keeps you heading towards you goals.

The most important thing is to have fun with it, find the passion and get to it, that is what I am now off to do.

Please feel free to share you thoughts or tips for creating good content with intent, passion, thought and direction.

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edensbox Premium
Thank you for this great information Katie. I try hard to make sure all I write make sense and is of value to my visitors.
KatieMac Premium
Me to still always have my wee doubts hope all is well have not seen you around for a bit
Lazyblogger Premium
Most of my post comes about from the frequent questions that are being asked. And you can find them in forums, Yahoo answers and in Quora.

The big challenge I am facing is when that is done, my call to action. I am getting there slowly but surely. I appreciate this post, thank you.
KatieMac Premium
I always tend to forget about Yahoo, do use Quora good way to find topics to write about to, thanks for stopping by and I am sure you will continue to make good progress
buffetearns Premium
Thanks Katie

Nicely done!

KatieMac Premium
Thank you Wayne sometimes there is so much information that you can forget the small details
buffetearns Premium
That’s so right!

KatieMac Premium
Thank you Wayne
wb5yjs Premium
You need to add a step before you hit "Publish".
Read what you have written or hire a "Proof-Reader" to correct
all the typos & errors.
This post is a good example. It is full of mistakes... more than a
That speaks to how the reader will see you. What kind of impression do you want your readers to have about you?
KatieMac Premium
Oh forgot that one my post has mistakes oh will check again I did use the grammar and spell check on it to thanks for pointing it out
Steven-A Premium
You have the secret right there at the end: Be Yourself.
Nothing more to say.
KatieMac Premium
yeah always best just to be yourself less stressful, thank you for stopping by