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Last Update: Dec 1, 2012


I know by the title of this blog that you might have thought I was going to give you some marvelous insight, but alas, that is not the case. This thought came to me this morning: Start living your dream! It came to me while I was angsting (I know this isn't really a word, but describes my feelings so well right now) over whether to buy a domain or just use siterubix. I think I'm analyzed out! This was the small voice in my head telling me to move forward and I'm thankful that it came to me. Whether or not I choose to buy a domain or use siterubix is not really the question. The question is whether or not I choose to move forward. The analyzing is a form of procrastination or fear of failure or a mixture of both. I put the phrase, "start living your dream" in the keyword search and of course it has thousands of hits so not useful as a keyword. So, the thought was just for me. To tell you I need a kick in the butt is putting it lightly. I do choose to start living my dream and WA has now given me a vehicle to do just that. I'm thankful and fearful all at the same time. Because I am stuck this morning, I decided to write because I can do that. It's really a note to myself but because this is such a wonderful community, I wanted to put it out there. Moving forward through the fear always feels good. Anybody want to kick me in the butt?

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Hmmm, have you been reading my stuff. Live the Dream was the name of my first site. You probably didn't see it before it was de-indexed though.
Start with a .siterubix site. Get a feel for a regular regimen of writing. Once you have that down the rest is easy.

I tried to wind up and give you a swift kick but my knee didn't hold and I fell down in a heap. So I guess you will have administer it to yourself. :)

I always remember a quote from Frank Herbert the author of Dune.
"Fear is the great mind killer"

There really isn't anything to be afraid of. If people don't like your stuff they won't come back. If they do well the sky is the limit. I expect with the small sample of the writing that I have seen from you, the sky is just a stopping off point.

Really? Live the Dream was your first site? Well, I guess you know what they say about great minds, huh? LOL I like the quote. I need to write it on a piece of paper and tape it up in front of my computer. :) Thanks so much for what you said about my writing. I was actually telling myself this morning that I had nothing worthwhile to say. Talk about being in a pit. But the way you put it: "the sky is just a stopping off point" well, that meant a great deal to me. I so appreciate your encouragement!

Don't get to fixiated on purchasing your own domain just yet. I have rushed into purhasing domain names such as Exact matching keywords domains (EMD's) , WildCard - (domains with low QSR - around 400 QSR - suddenly explode with competition) and extensions that are poor ranking ie .info .biz . net etc. I did this because I did not understand or know. The main thing for you is to focus on content and traffic. I did see Carson mention that a feature will be put in place to transfer your siterubix site to a purchased Domain name, at some stage soon. Practice with the Site Rubix site and when you have it polished - then make the decision wether it's necessary to purchase your domain and move your sites files across.

Thanks! I saw that too somewhere about transferring your site to a domain. I think I need to write "content & traffic" a thousand times on a chalkboard so I can get it through my thick skull. :) I've read it so many times here and I know it too, but just need to transfer it to my heart. I believe you have it right about practicing with the Site Rubix and then make the next decision I need to make later. Thanks so much for the help!

You don't need a kick in the butt, you did it yourself and good for you! Way to go Kathy!

Thanks, John. I knew I could depend on you to encourage me!

Kathy, this is a typical normal human response to doing something you haven't done before. It's scary. Have a glass of wine and just start. Once you start, you might get aggravated, but the fear will go away. Don't worry how it looks. Just do it.

Thank you! I know it's normal and I know it's human, but I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else, so thanks for taking the time to encourage me. I am just going to do it! Thanks for the great advice.

Happy to kick. Sent you a private message. Best wishes


You are right, obsessing on anything is procrastination. Just do it! You can always change it or redo it. Once you start doing it, it becomes easier with time! Thanks for the post! You have to start living your dream, NOT dreaming your dream! Oh, the title of my next article/content! LOL --Oh, yeah. Personally I would use my own domain name -- when you start to build a lot of sites you will want to transfer it to your own hosting and it will be much easier and you will keep your ranking, etc. when you transfer it.

Hi Joyce! Love the title of your next article! :) I can't wait to read it! ;) Guess I need to stop dreaming and start doing. I think my OCD was definitely kicking in. LOL Thanks for the advice and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

If you were ambidextrous you could kick your own. I am thankful that I am not. Hey lets go, why does it matter right now free or your own, At least a free one you can trash it and start over. Great testing ground. Niches can change, you could brand yourself. Your Premium, all the resources, make it pay for its self. Look at all the blogs you've done. Apparently you like to write. You will know when you want your own website. Lets go lets see a website. By the way I do the same thing so I know what you are going thru and there is only one way out . Charge onward and upward. And let the WA folks push you around a little bit with all the good info and support they have. Take Care and talk to ya later.

Hi Sir William! Thanks for identifying with me. Charging onward and upward as you advised! ;) I love being pushed around by the WA folks. You are all definitely the BEST! Thanks for taking the time to care.

Getting your butt in gear, easy words to say, live your dream again easy words to say, only if living life was as easy as writing about living is hard to get down and busy with most things and even harder when most of it is very new, like staring down the mountain before strapping on the skis....

Not really sure if you should or not, well I am here to say you should, I know it is hard, to get in gear but.....Focus in on your goals and what you want out of yourIM business, this will move you to first gear and momentum from there is just natural.....good luck..

You can always get someone to kick your butt around here.....we all need it from time to time....

:) :)

Thanks! I'm glad you guys are here to do that. I like what you said about the momentum. It's true! Thanks for the encouragement!

I will kick your butt. I say take action.

I was here at WA for almost a year before I even put a website up. I kept reading and reading and reading. I thought I had to know how to do everything about it before starting.

Finally, I realized I had to take action. At that time Kyle put up what was called something like "30 Articles in 30 Days" So, I not only had to put up a website, I was committed to writing those articles! I finally did it!

It is taking that first step. The first niche is not always the one you keep forever! I have 4 different niches now and am working on all of them. I have 2 passion niches and 2 what I call problem niches.

So, do the training. Go to it and follow it like it is mandatory. Do each step that it says to do. Think of "big boss" looking over your shoulder and you will do it.

Okay, that is enough butt kicking!

Action. Action. Action No matter how small the Action is do it!

Best of Wishes to You


Thanks Mary. I needed that! You are truly inspiring. My butt hurts!

You are most welcome. lol

I'm lovin' *angsting* !! Rich. x

I love it too, thus why I use it. Thanks for the link!

What Rich said. And I would've recommended ThatHelpfulDude's training too! :D

Personally, I would always start with a free resource like Squidoo or SiteRubix. Then, after earning some money through those free resources, if I want to expand on that niche I'm working in, THEN I would get my own domain name and hosting.

Analysing and comparing pros vs cons is a good and necessary thing to do sometimes. But, if you are plain paralysed in fear and too much time has gone by without you making a decision... then flip a coin or roll a dice, and go with that.

So... yeah. Let's live our dreams! :D

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