I'm Back On The Road!

Last Update: Sep 27, 2022

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After 2 days of having no transport and feeling lost, my car is fixed and back on the road. I am so relieved!

The problem is, we get so used to our cars that we take them for granted. Then if we can't use them for some reason, we don't know what to do with ourselves.

Fortunately, Tony, my ex-partner, is a great mechanic. What Tony doesn't know about cars could fit on the back of a postage stamp! He found the problem (something to do with cylinders and plugs - I have no idea what that means) and fixed it.

I was able to go out shopping today and later I took Luna-dog to her favourite park, so that she could have a run around with her doggy pals, Bruno and Rosie. It was lovely to see them all having such fun, and I was happy too.

My car has been misbehaving for a couple of weeks now so to have it back to normal was so good. It felt so much more comfortable driving a car that wasn't hiccupping its way down the road and stalling at roundabouts/traffic lights/junctions.

Tony never takes any payment for doing my car, beyond the price of the parts. So I will make him his favourite dinner and spoil him. He deserves it. He likes liver and bacon with lots of onion gravy. I have to hold my breath while I'm cooking it, I can't stand offal of any description!

So thanks to Tony, I now have my freedom back. And you can't put a price on that.

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Happy to hear that your four wheeler is functioning as it should be again Karen!

And who doesn't like liver?? Come on!!

If the taste and smell of adult cow liver is too much... maybe you should try veal liver!!

It's much less potent and has a creamy, buttery sort of taste and texture... it's definitely the most popular choice of meat round here!

Each to their own as my mum would say! But offal makes me feel sick, it always has done.

I’m so glad my car is driveable again, I was a bit stuck!

I would probably eat most parts of any animal really Karen... or at least give them a try!

Living in a rural area a car is essential... I haven't actually owned one for nearly ten years now though!!

How do you get around without a car? I live in a town and I would find it complicated to get from A to B. For example, if I wanted to visit the older part of town I would need to walk to the nearest bus stop, get a bus to the town centre then wait for another bus to take me to my destination! Then same in reverse to get home. Do you have a chauffeur?

Well... pretty much everything I need is less than a ten minute walk from where we live Karen!

That includes about 10 supermarkets, Doctors, restaurants, bars, chemists, butchers, bakers and even the odd candlestick maker!

An underground stop is a five minute walk, and ten minutes later I am in the city centre!!

I just can't justify the cost of having a car when we would rarely use it my friend!

If we go on holiday and need a car, I will just rent one for a few weeks!!

That makes sense!

Well it does to me my friend!

Ooo to bad for the hate of the interesting liver and onions . But you all buy your meat at the market. I slaughter the cow to get the liver and all the onions you can find.
This is one of the reasons I live on a farm . Freshness is always better then frozen. Fresh liver has no ferment oder. Because it's fresh. Lol. Sorry Karen this wasn't about liver.
Please for give me ok I'm done, I am Dennis(the man with the smoker).

Aaaarrgh Dennis, too much information! I do buy fresh liver but I hate the smell and taste of it. The only time I ate liver was when I made a chicken liver pate but it had lots of other flavours in it so the liver wasn’t overpowering. I don’t like kidneys either

I took out all the un important info Karen ,because this article wasn't about liver. It was about getting back in the seat.and having the feeling of freedom lol.
A big thanks to Tony. Have a beautiful rest of your week. I also shortend my signature ,for occations like this .

That feeling of freedom is priceless! I hope you have a great week too Dennis!

Ha, ha, ha. I love it, you will cook liver and bacon and you have to hold your breath to cook it. That is the sign of a truly appreciative person.

I can eat the bacon, but you can keep the liver. (Who doesn't like bacon...)


Thanks Alex, I will only cook it for Tony, he’s worth it! I love bacon too. It finds its way into a lot of my recipes. But liver… ugh!

Hi Karen...so good to hear your car is fixed! That's a huge relief indeed. As for the liver, pinch your nose. Can't understand how anyone can eat that stuff lol.


I don’t understand the appeal either, it smells horrible and looks horrible too! But lots of people enjoy it so I mustn’t yuck someone else’s yum!

That's one way to put it. I thought my dad was the only fan of liver and onions...personally I find it revolting all the way round. But it is as you say!

No, lots of people love it. But I would rather have a bowl of pasta 🍝

Shockers. Pass the pasta indeed 🍝

Hi, Karen

Glad you got your car straightened out.

I love liver with bacon and onions!
My mother used to make it with the chicken gizzards and hearts. It’s an Italian thing. 😎


Oooooh Frank I’m turning a funny colour here! I love Italian food but not anything involving offal.

I wrote a post on authentic Italian food, I wonder if you could check it out and tell me if I’ve got it right? As you’re Italian you will spot any errors straight away!

Sure, send me the link!

I lived in Italy for three years (Florence and Rome).

Just so you know, there's a big difference between Italian food and Italian-American food, even though I like them both.

The liver dish I discussed above is obviously in the first category. Believe me; you would like it if you were brought up eating it as a child. 😎

The tongue, stomach, liver, spleen, and lungs are considered delicacies in Italy!

Every culture has its own cuisine, I respect that. I’m sure that if I had been brought up eating such things I would want to eat them as an adult.

My dad was Maltese, he was fed with raw egg whisked together with evaporated milk as a child and still enjoyed a raw egg. The thought of it made me gag!

I will locate the post and send you the link. I did the research but there could still be room for error!

Yipee Yahoo! You got your wheelies moving. Thats great.

I’m so relieved! And it now does more than 30 mph!

At least it moves. My new $56k wheelchair today has excess speed up to four about 10 mph. Dang, I need a Harley Davidson motor on my chair then I can go fast like a motorcycle.

$56k?? I would want a turbo charger for that! Be careful the cops don’t catch you if you get it up to full speed!

Congratulations Karen, now where will you go?

Not far, petrol is too expensive! Current price £1.68 per litre. Ouch!

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