How Many Plugins Should I Use?

Last Update: March 26, 2017

This question has been bugging me a lot and I'm sure that it was the same for many folks here as well.

It appears that when it comes to the number of plugins, the right choice depends on their quality.

Every new plugin is a block of code that carries with it the potential of adding bloat to your website. But if that block of code is well-written, you have nothing to worry about. Seek out plugins that are created by well-known plugin authors.” – Ryan Sullivan, WP Site Care.

Also, Dan Norris, the co-founder of WP Curve support suggests 20 to be a reasonable number.

That's quite a lot, especially if one looks at the site health details here at WA where the maximum recommended number is five.

Sure enough, the less the better but like already mentioned, you don't have to be scared if you exceed the recommended number here at WA site health details section if you really need that plugin and if it is a good quality plugin.

Moreover, you can always test if a plugin slows down your website loading speed at after installing it.

What are your thoughts about the number of plugins and how many plugins do you use?

Are you afraid of them or are you confronting them with an attitude? :)




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xanfo Premium
Thanks Asen, I'm also learning from your post
AGOgden Premium
The consensus seems to be between 5-6...but it is possible to get by with fewer depending on your niche and theme...
paulgoodwin Premium
I use six and that is enough I feel
spurway Premium Plus
Using five is a recommendation, but each site is different so choose according to your needs.
Balloons29 Premium
It is absolutely impossible to have five as WA suggest. I slimmed down once but couldn't stay down. Especially anything ensuring security I think about adding. Can you be too well protected?
Karax Premium
I agree with you, Tracy. I think that five is a rather limiting number but at the same time, I'm sure that there are folks who can manage that. In the end it all depends on the specific website.