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Last Update: Feb 1, 2017


Hey Folks,

I just wanted to share my excitement from the fact that 2 of my posts rank on page 1 on Google already.

Here's one of them :

For that one I used a long tail, low hanging fruit keyword with a QSR of 10.

Plus, the first image showing up is with the label of my site as I put the keyword in the alt text of it.

Another post that ranks on page 1 is with the keyword "van damme with a long hair" -another low hanging fruit.

I am planning to start using more competitive keywords in order to gain more authority but of course, first things first.

I hope that this serves as an example of how effective the training in WA is and it really works.

I have a lot more work to do, so I am leaving you for now.

Keep on rocking!


Recent Comments


Neat! It's always so nice to see someone accomplish goals. Gives me hope to know I too will be there. Thank you.

Well done! Congrats!

thank you

Very nice! Congratulations to you Asen.

Thank you for stopping by, Sue!

Very nice! Congratulations to you Asen.

Hi Asen, well done my friend. Irv.

Thanks for the comment, Irv

Congratulations on your hard work paying off!

Thank you!

Congrats you work is paying off!

WhooHoo .. Awesome Asen. Cheers, William.

Thank you

Congrats your hard work is paying off. Motivational for me.

Yes it's a law! Hard work pays off

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