I made my first sale!

Last Update: December 18, 2018

Well I finally did it, I manged to get a sale from my site. The thing is I only have 6 articles on there now and 1 review page, so I was quite suprised today when I checked my control panel for the affiliate site I am with and notice 2 sales on the same day, I am not sure if it was from the same person or not but, non the less I MADE A SALE !

The thing is I skipped around in my training, I didn't have my site reviewed until recently and I don't even have much content on it yet, so most of my traffic is from direct referals, Pinterest, and Google + since I only have 1 page ranked on page one of Google.

So, for those of you who are questioning if the training works it definitely does and I guess, I am proof of that along with the 1000's of the others on WA! Follow the training and stay patient :)

Now, off to bang out some more content!

Have a great day!

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sweetalmond Premium
Congratulations. Well done.
justrg Premium
Thank you!
ExpatMark Premium
Way to go Einstein. I always knew you would amount to something.

Keep the momentum going.

justrg Premium
Haha, I am giving it my best shot!

Thank you, I will!
Vickic3 Premium
Well done and I hope they flow in now
All the best for 2019
Caf4157 Premium
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Justin!

Well done!

Keep up the good work!

Once an avalanche has been started ...
justrg Premium
It keeps on rolling down the mountain! :)