Happy halloween!

Last Update: November 01, 2021


Currently waiting for the knock on my door of Trick or Treaters!!!! nothing yet! Not sure if anyones doing it this year!Just in case, I have a more healthier option of different flavoured Crisps, small oranges, or Clementines, and chocolate buscuits!If there is no show, then the more for us!

This year I actually cooked a Pumpkin and made Pumpkin pie and cake! I was so intriqued to see what the fuss was about!

It was trully an experience, very flavoursome and the aroma around the house was soooo festive!

So just a reminder, for those of you who do Pumpkins for Halloween, don't forget to recycle them, make fries, roast the pumpkin seeds and best of all bake your Pumpkin and make Pumpkin pie.

I am perched on my stool in my kitchen, awaiting for the door-bell to ring, so far it's dark outside, it's 5.30pm in the UK and still no show!

My daughter may pay us a visit she is going to a kids Halloween party and bring our new Grandson of 3 months, for us to see dressed up in his gear, I think the baby on 'Addams family', or 'Beetlejuice' lol so looking forward to that.

So I must go now, Happy evening to you all!!!

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JeannineC Premium
Now it's just starting to get dark where I live, and I've got a huge bowl filled with all types of candy. Same thing as you - if we don't hand it all out, more for us!!
west2000 Premium
Happy Halloween...hope you have fun!

Julia39 Premium
Haha unfortunately a big fat zero!!!, but my Granson dropped by and it was worth the wait🥰👍
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I hope you get a few guests for your efforts, Julia!

JoeRebisz Premium
Good for you Julia and Happy Spooky Day to you too!
Julia39 Premium
Thanks Joe, still no 🤷
Julia39 Premium