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February 08, 2021
When I looked out of the window this morning I couldn't believe my eyes, a blanket of white snow covered all our road, the school fields opposite and excellent layer over our humble car.This is fantastic I thought, I need to mark this by dating the car when we actually got snow.'Better late than never' my dear friend we didn't get you at Christmas, but knew you wouldn't let us down!The child in me eagerly run out to sweep up what I could in the hope my kids, now adults would humour me and build
Here's wishing everyone in the WA community a :-VERY, HAPPY, AMAZING, FABULOUS, BRILLIANT, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS,HUGGABLE, LOVEABLE, KISSABLE, SOCIALBLE, BEACHABLE,NEW YEAR!!!....because we all deserve it!!! (and no l have't been drinking lol)Let's wipe away 2020 clean, (literally!) sweep it under the carpet, it never existed, a missed year! and get ready, because 2021 HERE WE COME!!! :-)
December 29, 2020
It has been asked of us to post something, or make a comment in training, to all WAers, so I have given it some thought........and I will write about my journey so far here at WA and I would like to add, has been written in a light hearted manner.So let me think.....with trials and tribulations, somewhat thwarted at times this is what I experienced...Imagine this, someone of mature years, with absolutely no clue lol this is my journey, from my point of view.I started off eager with great antici
Did you know that there are people that get paid to give fake 5 star ratings on products they review? So once they have 5 stared it, they can have the product for free!So what's true anymore, how do we overcome this? can we sieve out the good from the bad?This has been discovered on platforms like, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc! although they will nip it in the bud, once they have been exposed.Sometimes if it's too good to believe, then take heed! I got bitten, by believing loads of 5 star rati
Wow! it's like Aladdin's den! How could one pass this by. I couldn't leave now, even if I wanted too. The temptation is too good. It's the real deal. So let me say Its a sign of relief this has come by once again, missed out on Black Friday deal and even though times are strange and so surreal and a not knowing feeling, being able to continue my work on my website, whilst training has helped me get through these unreal times, its been an escapism for me. So, Thank you Kyle and Carson appreciate