Half-Year Hero

Last Update: May 11, 2020

Yup, that's me - that is my title according to the Weekly Writing Update I received from Grammarly - apparently I'm on fire!!!

I've reached a new weekly streak and unlocked another badge...the "Half-Year Hero"

Well the stats don't lie....nor it seems does my writing tones...really need to build more confidence into my writing!!

According to Grammarly a lot of people don’t make it this far. Life happens. New computers, browsers, and accidental log-outs happen.

Have to say I do enjoy getting these weekly stats from Grammarly, helps to keep me on track.

Always amazes me when I see the words checked by Grammarly...these are MY WORDS...

WOW - who knew 9 months ago when I started here that my writing would grow so much, and these stats are only from November 2019...

So WA friends if you've not already dipped your toe into the wonderful world of Grammarly you should make it your business to try it out, it's a great tool for automatically detecting grammar, spelling, punctuation and a lot more besides.

Good evening m'dears and sláinte ~ Jules

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JasonKang Premium
Hi, Jules.
I am always a big fan of you.
I also use Grammarly a lot, but I haven't seen the stat screen you showed.
I briefly checked my Grammarly window, but no stats are available anywhere.
Do you use a special version of Grammarly?
I am using Grammarly Premium, and I wonder if I can check my stat.
Thank you.
Jules73 Premium
Thanks Jason :-)

I've just checked and I use Grammarly for Chrome - that is the app I have installed.

If you go to your account and select "profile preferences" and then select "email preferences", you have the option to tick a box to get a "weekly progress report" to get a weekly report with statistics and insights on how you are writing with Grammarly.

Hope that helps! Best of luck with it, Jules
AlexandraT11 Premium
Hey Jules, I remember you mentioning this before and I downloaded it but a message came up asking that they have permission to store and access to everything that you type which I didn’t like the sound of so I denied them access and couldn’t continue with the download.

Wow that’s a lot of words though!! Well done!!
Jules73 Premium
Thanks Alexandra, yeah Grammarly would need access to your written words otherwise it couldn't count the words.

It does not count words that I write in MS suite just on Wordpress and here at WA :-)
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Jules.

I used to have Grammarly during quite a few years and was actually very happy. I also liked to receive those updates on my writing. Over time, I was making fewer mistakes..
When I updated my websites to the recent WordPress, Grammarly did not function any more writing on draft.
I am now using ProWringAid

Stay safe and healthy,

Jules73 Premium
Thanks for the tip Taetske I hadn't heard of ProWritingAid, might check it out, Grammarly works for my needs at the moment.

I have the free version as I do not write full time.

Be well my friend, Jules
Mick-D Premium
I have used Grammarly in the past, and stats like yours would probably interest me more than Google analytics Jules !
So well done.
I have noticed many on here using Grammarly.

For me though, Felch Kincaid is of more interest to me here.
When I am writing an article or review on my site, I try writing to Mrs Buckets brother in law, from that British comedy. "Keeping up Appearances" (Americans may not know of it).

No way do I need Grammarly talking to Onslow ! ( I would hope not anyway).
Jules73 Premium
Hah I like it Michael, although I've never heard of Kincaid?

You're correct though prob no need for proper grammar if you are addressing Onslow, Hyacinth's brother-in-law :-)
Mick-D Premium
Flech Kincaid is a readability rating Jules. It is a worth while writing tool for SEO
Jules73 Premium
Thank you Michael I shall check it out :-)
lesabre Premium
Hi Jules, I love your posts. They always put a smile on my face. Congratulations and continued success.

Best wishes,
Jules73 Premium
Ah thanks Michael that's very kind of you :-)