Sold a Domain Name for $2,000.00 USD!

Last Update: November 17, 2015

This is a follow up to my earlier blog that was wondering if anyone at WA had been contacted by Domain Agents a couple of weeks ago...

I was approached by them about a domain that I own out of the blue and was a bit skeptical so reached out and did some diligence on them and felt they were legit and entered negations with them.

They initially offered me $200.00 USD for the name but I turned it down as I had a project in mind for the name and it was valued at $560.00 USD at Estibot so that didn't make sense to me.

After a bit of back and forth we got to the $2,000.00 figure and for that kind of money I decided I could create a new name.

The transaction went through and the cheque arrived yesterday from them from Fedex.

It hasn't cleared the bank (US cheques are a slow moving thing in Canada) but I have every reason to believe it's completely on the up and up at this point.

Pretty exciting to create something that's really intellectual property, have it validated by the marketplace and to sell it for a profit.

I've got to give Jaaxy a hat tip because that's my go to brainstorming place to create domain names, it really helps me a lot.

At the end of the day that's really what we are all doing here at WA and that's exciting!! We work, think, strategize and create and through that help people and create value for ourselves and for others.

Sounds like the perfect business to me!

Anyway, I wanted to share the good news and if Domain Agents come knocking at your email address I wish you the best of success with your transaction!!

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krazykat Premium
Pisquali Premium
Wow! That is so cool, well done.
MarionBlack Premium
Brilliant! I haven't traveled down that road yet. After I registered my last domain name I received an email from someone who had owned the name previously but hadn't re-registered it. I was accused of stealing the name. Obviously I didn't respond.
GeorgeEkman Premium
Good for you
jmaurice Premium
Be proud of yourself this could be another avenue for making passive income