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December 31, 2020
Wishing everyone at Wealthy Affiliate an amazing 2021!Our world is looking alot different now than it did last year at this time when we rang in this new decade but it's so good to know that even with all the challenges we've faced in 2020 we are on the right side of the trend. Life shifts and changes and it's quite stunning to look at where we are now. As long as we keep moving forward and clearly envision the future we want to create it will all work out.So here's to 2021 bringing you and you
September 18, 2020
Now that's something to celebrate!It's been amazing being part of this community and watching it grow...There's been so many things that have come and gone online but Wealthy Affiliate has just gotten better and raised the bar on quality services.And the people in this awesome community have consistently been supportive, smart and have incredibly high levels of integrity.WA is literally a breath of fresh air and I'm so happy I discovered it seven years ago!Thanks to all of you for making this s
September 10, 2020
So excited and happy to be back here at WA!I've moved over to beautiful Vancouver Island so it's now time to get back to work.Things just haven't been the same in the city with all the Covid shenigans and since it's not going to be getting back to it's regular vibrant state it was time to make some changes on my end. After all, I'm not a tree... Completely forgot how much work moving was so it's been a huge amount of effort but it's totally worth it.Hope everyone has been having a wonderful hea
I'm here in Vancouver BC and according to our expert doctor who's been guiding us through this crazy situation we are getting close to having restrictions lifted.So what do you think about that?Is it too soon?Or are you ready...I'm so hoping our lives are able to start to become more normal again. After all I was a pretty big fan of how things were pre covid.Will you be changing the way your business has been working? It seems very clear that our world is already different and our online busine
There's been so many changes in our lives in such a short amount of time that it's enough to make your head spin. Seems like a good time to stop and think about just how much we can adapt when necessary.Mother Nature certainly has a way of allowing animals to adapt to their environments and circumstances so it's reasonable that we can do the same. And thank our lucky stars that we don't have to carry the load that a camel does!There's been changes in affiliate programs like Amazon and Walmart a
March 18, 2020
What's driving you? And what's driving your audience?There's no question that we are living in absolutely unprecedented times that are impacting our own lives and our audiences that we never thought would have been possible weeks ago. Have you been changing or shifting in the way you're creating content? I know I have been... it feels wrong to me to be blatantly blasting great opportunity offers right now. That's a frustrating thing because I've got a really amazing one but I've shifted and I'm
March 06, 2020
Ever want to get a better understanding of what's working for your target audience?There's an awesome free tool here that allows you to see what brands are up or down by demographics that cover gender, income and ages.It's really interesting to play around with it and see how different big brands from Amazon to Apple, Netflix, Costco are showing up for people.As affiliate marketers it's a great way to get a quick overview of what's popular with different groups so it's easier to target and cre
February 22, 2020
If you're a fan of numbers this is a powerful day! The month of February in 2020 is bringing up some great number combinations, especially if you like two's.I'm a big believer in making the most of everyday... after all each and ever single day is a one of a kind miracle so it should merit our best efforts.Today will be a combination of house projects and online work and I'm really noticing that my online productivity is a challenge when my house is upside down.It's been a good lesson and it's
February 17, 2020
Happy Family Day!It's family day here in British Columbia Canada and it's a great day to celebrate family and all the blessings that you have shared with your family.It becomes so easy in our busy busy lives to get sidetracked and overlook what really matters with all the distractions and demands of day to day life but I think it's so important to not ever lose sight of family.I've spent some this morning doing some work online and am looking forward to a our project today. We are refininshing
February 11, 2020
I was quite surprised to get an email today from Uniregistry announcing that Looks like the market likes it because GDDY is up 5% today to $69.94 at the close.According to they aquired Frank Schilling's domain portfolio as well in what they considered a blockbuster acquistion. They did predict that they expected to see much more consolidation in their annual State Of The Industry Cover Story so they certainly called that right. Looks like it could be a very interesting year ahead