Work in progress-(The shadow of your personal development)

Last Update: May 26, 2020

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So this picture above feels a bit like my business in development. I see thousands of things I like to do but sometimes I just got slowed down by personal development. It is just like a business and personal development are walking aside hand in hand. I would like to walk faster but I just can't. Step by step we are walking, and improving numerous skills.

6 Months down the road

It about 6 months since I have started building my business and I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It has been really one of the best decisions I made in my life. I truly enjoy my journey and I can't believe how much I have learned. Even though I am far from a technical genius, to say the least, I somehow managed to improve my skills with the OUTSTANDING support of our knowledgeable members of the community.

I surely will forget to name some of our helpful members when I go to point some out, but I like to say a special thanks to @MarionBlack, @Triblu, @David07, @greensail, @J-KWest, @Rudy1, @Dianescorpio for their ongoing support. And of course our awesome site support for their continuous awesome technical support, I couldn't do it without you, you are all appreciated. (apologies to the other awesome supporting members I have not pointed out here, you are all much appreciated too)

Don't compare to others

You hear this all the time right, and it is so true. I think it was Stanley who ones wrote an awesome post about this stating: 'The only person you should compare with is yourself'.

This makes so much sense, yet sometimes it is hard to see how other people racing goals while you feel like a snail left behind lol. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming how easy others seem to be hitting goals and racing you. Of Course, we don't know their circumstances and the current knowledge they are starting their journey with. Don't compare, it is silly and irrelevant to do, I know.

We all travel in our own pace and more important than speed is probably attitude, consistency and who has the longest breath to keep going, don't give up. Keep improving skills and staying focused on short and long term goals. And above all, reach your audience by writing from the heart, if they can't feel you, you probably won't reach them.

One of the main things I am struggling with is the speed of writing content. As English is my second language, I have to make a big effort to grammatically make it as good as I can. As I practice my writing so much I most definitely improving my skills and see my own mistakes reading back, but it cost a lot of time rereading content.

Working on the road

Sometimes I wish I could travel faster, but even though it is sometimes annoying, it is actually great to be on this journey for more than only business. I don't know about you, but I expect this is relevant to all of us. If you want to climb a hill, you have to keep developing on all areas to have all personal skills and tools in place to reach the top.

When you are not doing your exercise and training, you are simple to have to step back and do it again. Many times I faced my challenges and I see clearly which areas I have to improve before I can move forwards.

It is confronting but so good at the same time. Many of those 'areas I need to improve in, are deep-rooted habits and not always easy to change. We may have to dig deep and repeat many times before we regrow our roots in a better way.

Things I am working on is discipline and organizing skills, both very important skills to own in a successful business. I have improved both of those characteristics a lot during my life time already, however they are still not where they should be and they hold me back to moving forwards how I would like too.


For the last 12 days, I have been spending some time on Pinterest as I hear so much about it I feel like it is a good idea to spend some time learning about it besides the main training I am still following.

I have followed 2 lessons of Jay about Pinterest and some additional training from others and I have to say I really have some fun making designs and playing around on Pinterest. Also, I can see the potential of Pinterest and have some exciting readings within the short amount of time since I have been active on Pinterest. Not as much on click yet, but it is quite exciting how quickly the numbers of impressions grow.

Website traffic

My website traffic is still quite low and I hope to achieve some more activity soon going over the 6 months mark now. About half of my articles are ranking on Bing and starting to rank on Yahoo, and I am still experiencing the Bing and Yahoo dance though. I just wish MR google start loving me (lol), I know he plays hard to get, it's ok MR google lol.


I am so grateful to be here and I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you for travelling with me and your ongoing support. I feel privileged to grow and learn next to you all.

I do apologies I am not overly active in the community at the moment I have tried really to focus on producing content and the following training and still, I don't really produce enough. I also have not been posting here at WA frequently so I feel happy to share this little update with you.

I wish you all much success in your online journeys and I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy in these uncertain times.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope to see you soon on the platform.

PS, I have contacted we quite a few of you on social media, please feel free to connect with me and I follow you back, I love to see you there too so we can support each other on those platforms too :)

What is your biggest challenge to moving forwards in your online business?

Best wishes to all.


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Thank you Jude on your progress post. You have accomplished a lot. If I can help you in proofreading your post before you publish them I will be more than happy to do so. Some times a second pair of eyes sees what our own miss. If I can help you can PM me any time. We are probably in different time zones so it may be a while before I respond, but I will respond to you.

Take care

Ah Charlotte, that is such a heartwarming offer, I truly appreciate it. I have bought Grammarly to run over my content, but even though I notice that it does not pick up on everything.
I write in site content and I am just not sure how I possibly could transfer the content to you but I have a think about how I could do this.
Thanks a lot, Charlotte, it means a lot.
Have a great day.

You're welcome!

Hey Jude,
Great post. I feel very much the same and kind of feel a kindred spirit in you as we started about the same time and tend to struggle with the same things. The little ones take a lot of time and attention and it's hard to fit anything else in.
We'll get there though, slow and steady. And you're right about the amazing support. We're definitely in the right place.
Good luck Jude xxx

Hi Jude
I have so much admiration for you! For you to build such a terrific wee business while writing in your second language is an incredible achievement. I certainly couldn’t do it!
You might think that your progress is slow but I think you are doing great and building your business in a way that it will make money for years to come. Keep doing what you’re doing and the google love and traffic will come.

You’re awesome Jude!! 😀


Ah, such a lovely comment my friend, I appreciate your kind words. Thanks a lot for your ongoing help and support Dave, it means a lot!
I hope you are well and keep safe.
Have a great day.
Ps, you are awesome too. 🙌
Best wishes Jude

Great progress, Jude. Congratulations and every journey is unique.

True. Thanks Stanley, I appreciate your comment. Best wishes. Jude

Very great post and sounds like your doing an amazing job keep it up

Thank you my friend 💜

Your very welcome my friend

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