Using the premium Grammarly version in Block editor

Last Update: Oct 8, 2020

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Hi Wamily, I hope you are all well and safe.

I just wanted to share a little heads up about using Grammarly premium when working with block editor. I slowly transfer from classic editor to block editor, and I absolutely love it. Definitely try it out, it cost a bit of time to get used to, but what a world of opportunities and more efficient way of working. Just awesome!

I just couldn't quite understand what was happening with my Grammerly as it kept telling me I had a score of 100, but when I kept going back to make changes in a block, several red lines appeared with errors.

I didn't quite understand what was going on and started to doubt Grammerly doing a proper job, until I realized that Grammerly don't look at my whole article, but only looks at one block at the time which is the one you are working on.

So if there are still errors in a other block that you previously have missed, you won't find out until you click every block individual.

I just thought I share this with you all in case you are planning to make the change to block editor and use Grammarly, you can keep an eye on the issue.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday and hope you are keeping well and safe.

(If there are any errors in this post, Grammerly don't work in WA blogs))


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I agree I noticed this happening when I changed over from classic to block. What do is go to each paragraph and check. I usually do all my blogs in word first before copy and paste into block. This way grammarly checks the whole lot.

Hi Yvonne, yes perhaps that is easier. I write in WordPress and tend to go backwards and forwards often when I am writing which is not ideal in block editor when using Grammarly🤔.
I mag have to change my routine🤔
Thank you for stopping by.

Thinking out loud, what about using the Classic Block within the Block Editor to create the bulk of your content, then check that one block with Grammarly. Once you are happy, splitting that block up into multiple blocks at a click of a button, then applying any further formatting that may be required, such as images etc?

Yes this might be a good idea Christopher, I will give it a go to see how of this works out. Thank you for thinking out loud 👌🙌

Great idea 99

Interesting, Jude! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Jeffrey, you are welcome.
I hope you are well.
Have a great weekend.

I am well and hope you are too, Jude! Enjoy your weekend!


Hi Jude
I suspect many will not have realised this so it's good that you have brought it to our attention.
Thanks for sharing this tip!


Thanks, Dave, I find that an error is overseen easily in the block editor.

I am trying to think about a solution to make it more user friendly.

I thought perhaps you could group the whole article to one block when finished (temporary), to do a thorough check as I find sometimes errors don't pop-up instantly. I am not convinced Grammarly function as well as in the classic editor.

We keep an eye out while learning to work in the block editor ☺
Thank you for stopping by.

That's interesting. I use Grammarly premium and yes, found the same thing. Thanks for sharing the information with the WA community.

Hi Diane, thanks for stopping by. I hope Grammarly might be able to change this over time as it is very tricky to miss errors this way. Not ideal at all for me anyway.
Have a great day.

Great advice Jude, I have been using the Block Editor and Grammarly for a while now, and it didn't even occur to me that members might have this issue, so it's well spotted. The community here will appreciate you for it. Sometimes I take things for granted that I'm just so used to ;-)

Thanks, Christopher. I love both Grammarly and block editor, but the two together is not the best match just yet lol.
Have a great dat and thanks for stopping by.

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