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I am, and always have been, a dreamer.

So much so that I have very little to show because I have not learned how to DO.

I have had hundreds, even thousands, of ideas over my 62 years and they are all still in my head and not realized.

Of all the ideas I've had that relate to using websites, the one I am most interested in pursuing here would be creating a way to express my wild imagination and exchange similar ideas from others equally lost in dreams.

It wouldn't hurt if others, who are not lost in dreams as much, would take a liking to some of the ideas and seek to implement them to our mutual benefit.

Having just started I don't know if this is a viable approach to take or if I will have to explore some of the other ideas I've entertained first and engage this one after making enough to spare the time.

I trust you can all help to some degree with this and other dreams.
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At this point I would be happy just covering my expenses so that I was free to pursue any and all the ideas that flow through my mind constantly.

I would be ecstatic if I could earn enough to fund the expressing of those ideas into a physical reality.

Time investment is always the problem. I'd like to say that I would spend all my time investing in these goals. However, I believe we all know that in reality this never works out. I can only promise every spare moment.
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Dec 19, 2016
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At this point I would be happy just covering my expenses so that I was free to pursue any and all the ideas that flow through my mind constantly.

I would be ecstatic if I could earn enough to fund the expressing of those ideas into a physical reality.

Time investment is always the problem. I'd like to say that I would spend all my time investing in these goals. However, I believe we all know that in reality this never works out. I can only promise every spare moment.
ajmmdm1983 Premium
With good time Investment plus the help of WA and its Community, I believe you can achieve your Goals!
Carson Premium
Great goals Joseph,

The first step to achieving success online is to set some goals and now that you have done this you can start working towards them. Your goals are absolutely achievable and realistic. Dedicate yourself to working through the training, taking action, and getting help when you need it.

I am personally here to help you and there are many others within the community that will reach out to help too.

You are already doing great, keep it up!

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BobBarr Premium
Thanks for the follow, Joseph -- following you back. Welcome aboard and all the best to you here at WA.
Kyle Premium
Sounds like you have a lot of interests Joseph, you can definitely take any one of these and create a business here at WA. We are all about turning a passion into a business and that is what our training is going to walk you through here at WA.

If you ever need a hand with ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to drop me a reply. Be more than happy to help you out.

PS. I hope you are having an awesome weekend!
Kyle, thanks for the encouragement. However, I doubt I will be able to take advantage of any one-on-one time with you.

I'm finding that I don't read as fast as I thought, I'm still somewhere in step 3 getting lost in all the links within links and my 7 days access will run out before I can get to a point where I could use practical advice.

Sorry to say that I am way to frugal/cheap/miserly/stingy/risk averse/poor to buy into the premium access until I am making enough online to afford it. So I will have to take the long road.

If I am correct about still having access to reading the comments and questions others post here I should be able to find the help I need without needing to ask my own questions, it will just be slower looking them up.

Two quick questions come to mind about how these comment areas work after my 7 days run out.

First, will I still be able to add to the list of people I am following?

Second, I've noticed that not everyone has a follow button, why? What does it signify?
Kyle Premium
Work at your own pace, this is definitely not a race and work through this when you get a chance. I personally started while full time in college, so I can totally relate to your situation.

As you start to see progress and results, you will naturally dedicate more time to your business, but I can absolutely assure you that with some hard work and dedication here, you are going to see results.

As for the Follow button, people don't have one if you are already following them and of course you won't see yours as you cannot follow yourself.

If you need anything going forward, let me know.
Thanks for the personal response, including the answer to my 'button' question.

I didn't catch on to that possibility because some of the follow buttons had changed to "following" after I had selected them and remained that way when encountering other comments by the same person.

The missing buttons seemed to be absent from people I didn't remember having followed. Just another example of the many details I have yet to learn.
Kyle Premium
No problem, it can take a bit to learn how the system works here at WA. You are going to get the hang of things before you know it and of course if you have any further questions let me know. ;)
Thank you again for the personal touch.

I do have another question/concern. In my browsing through the comments/questions and answers from others I have run across some that addressed becoming a premium member and then leaving.

The description of what leaving meant gave me pause.

First, let me see if I understand this correctly. I can stay a free member forever, use the 2 websites you provide me, take and retake the lessons you supply, and browse the comments and answers from others.

However, if I become a premium member I can't go back to free status. If I leave premium status for any reason I must move my websites out of siterubix, even if the only ones I have are the 2 I started with.

There was also a feeling that I could not even access reading the lessons or comments that a free member could read.

This is primarily a concern because I have been very tempted to extend my write access for the but in no way could I afford the $47 continuing monthly charges without first earning that much from my website(s), I am on a very tight budget.

Had I done this I would be cut off from the support I need to continue after the first month. Correct?
Kyle Premium
You cannot downgrade, but you will be able to resubscribe to your Premium account at any time and reconnect your membership (when you can make it back). ;)

We also host your website for 30 days beyond the cut off date, which gives you time to still work on it or move it to another host in the meantime.

Hope this clarifies for you Joseph!
Marcus WFHW Premium
Hey Joseph!

How are things going thus far? I just thought I would drop you a quick line and see how things are going! I hope everything is going well so far and you are enjoying your time within the Wealthy Affiliate community!

I'm sure you are busy following the training and building your online business, but get in touch with me if there is anything I can help you out with. Tons of support within the community if you are ever "stuck". :)


wb5yjs Premium
The first & most productive thing you can do is upload a photo of yourself on your profile.

People like to interact with people.

You don't want to be an "Unknown"… a 'Black-Hole'.

You want 'Them' to Know-Like-& Trust you.
Thanks for the advice. The system and Kyle (through the videos) have both been suggesting the same.

I just started today and haven't even written a description in my profile yet. Instead I went browsing through other's profiles to get some inspiration and insights into proper form (or lack thereof) for descriptions.

In the process I got sidetracked into making comments as I went.

I have never used engaged in any of the social forums and really don't have a clue about what significance there is in 'liking', 'following', 'joining', etc.

As to the 'Black Hole' motif, it actually relates to me and my character fairly well. I started my education majoring in Physics and have always been fascinated by Black Holes and Relativity, plus, I am socially more prone to absorbing information than emitting it. When I do emit information I tend to do it in intense bursts. ;)
hostelgirl Premium
Not everyone feels comfortable with having their pic on the web. My profile pic is my son's drawing of me. Yes, I think a face of some description is preferable but do what you feel comfortable with.
Marcus WFHW Premium
Hey Joseph!

It’s Marcus here from Work From Home Watchdog.

First off, congrats on making the decision to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s here that you are going to learn the best way to earn a legitimate income online.

This is that place that I have called home since 2006 and it is the only program that has helped me go "full time" within the online world. I have every confidence in what you are going to learn here and the community support that is offered to you. You will be more than capable of doing the same as me.

Let me help you get started by giving you the link to your 10 lesson training program on making money online. It’s here that you will get to learn how Wealthy Affiliate will help and you will also get to meet Kyle & Carson, the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

This course has helped me and 10,000’s of others get started online, and I know it can do the same for you. Here’s the link: Take your time and work your way through the lessons. Most importantly, take action on the “tasks” and what you learn. In doing so you will give yourself the best possible chance of generating an online income ASAP.

Everything you need to do that is right here at WA, so I hope you take full advantage!

Get your hands on my “Take It To The Premium Level” Bonus!
If you like what you see here at WA and upgrade to the Premium Membership within the next 7 days then I am going to give you some exclusive and awesome bonuses:

#1) Your first month as a Premium member at just $19 ( 57% discount on the usual price of $47)

#2) Exclusive Access to the Diamond Traffic bonus, a system that will show you exactly how to get unlimited traffic (for free) online. It is the system that I have used to build out many of my websites.

#3) Affiliate Program Bonanza bonus. If you know which affiliate programs are hot online and where to find high paying ones, you can earn a ton of money. Plain and simple. This bonus is an hour long video walking you through the top techniques for uncovering these lucrative affiliate programs.

#4) Personal support and help from me to assist you with your campaigns at Wealthy Affiliate, whenever you need it.

These bonuses are ONLY available if you upgrade to the Premium membership within your first 7 days. Please keep an eye on the countdown clock at the top of your WA dashboard if you want to take advantage of this Work From Home Watchdog exclusive offer.

That is all for now, Joseph, and once again I would like to welcome you to this amazing work from home community. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions (at anytime) and I will be more than happy to help!

All the best for now :-)

Owner & Founder of Work From Home Watchdog

PS - Please don't be afraid to ask questions, no matter how simple you think they might seem. I felt that way when I first joined and it maybe prevented me from getting up and running quicker than I did. I am here to help with ANYTHING so just ask away :-)
OK, you asked for it!
First, I must apologize for this because over time it has taken on the appearance of a rant, but I really want to know why this site (and all other sites that offer ways to make money online while charging me for the privilege) are charging me anything upfront to obtain this knowledge.

It seems to me that there should be several ways for you to design this so that you can profit from my successes AFTER they exist not before.

It's fine if you come to this opportunity from a position of changing jobs and you have the money to pay a monthly fee, but I'm sure there are more of us, like me, who do not have the money to spare and are looking for a way out of the hole we are in.

This is especially upsetting when somewhere in every one of these pitches (legitimate and scams together) there is commentary about how much money the proponents are making using the system proposed. So much that they don't really have to work anymore and are largely doing this because they enjoy it and want to share the wealth.

Well, I say, SHARE THE WEALTH! At least initially and then accept a share of my profits later if you need to offset the overhead you have distributing this information.

I do appreciate that you offer 7 days of access to the comments and questions available to Premium users, but, unless I can immediately start making enough money within those 7 days to afford to pay the monthly fees for the Premium access, I will have to go 'out of pocket' to hope to start earning.

Seriously, is there any technological or business reason why this program can not be designed to be given out in such a way that you can derive a residual income strictly from my profits as I earn them??

Or do you not have the confidence in this process to be sure that I will make enough to be able to pay you from my profits instead of from my savings??

I hope I haven't offended you or Kyle with the above, and I do hope you can answer my questions in detail as I would like to learn all I can from you.

Frankly, if I do learn how to make all this work I might seriously try to do what you do but with the approach that I suggest should be operating here.
Marcus WFHW Premium
Hi Joseph,

Certainly not offended at all and i completely get your points.

However, your questions are best directed to Kyle & Carson as they own Wealthy Affiliate and are therefore the only people who can address your points accurately, as the owners.

All the best,

Yes, I realized my mistake about thinking you were Carson. It was my first day, I had only read things by Kyle, had heard Carson's name but it hadn't stuck yet and the 'flavor' of your comment suggested someone as 'inside' the process as Kyle.

When I realized my mistake I hadn't yet noticed that I could edit my response after the fact so I let it stand.