WA Ranking Glitches - Anybody Else Seeing This?

Last Update: September 28, 2015

So I was just in my profile. I was going to clean it up a bit.

Then I noticed a "Top 50" badge beside my username. My rank was at 45.


Check it out:

Then I clicked on the rank button in the top menu.

Here's what I saw:

Pretty weird, huh?

Anybody else seeing this or is it just me?

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RandellD Premium
Hi J
Just remember this is your rank on WA and it will fluctuate depending on your activities, Helper, Creator, Activity.
The number is not your rank in LIFE. The important thing to remember is that if you have a Website that you have monetized that you are making money with the website. That is really the number.

There usually is of course, a correlation between what you are doing on WA and the success of your site.

But it is always nice to see that your number is dropping and not going up. Don't panic. Things will eventually stabilize.
JSakanee Premium
Yeah man. I know all about WA. Been here longer than you. Lol
I wasn't panicking. I was just sharing what I was seeing in the WA ranking system.
Thanks for your comment. :)
LelandBest Premium
There's always a little gap between what's on the menu bar and what's in the backend...probably just a propagation thing! The rest of the system needs to catch up with you!
Donnie58 Premium
Yeah, I was around 500. Now I'm 194!

Never been under 200 the whole time at WA!

It HAS to be a glitch!
JSakanee Premium
Lol yeah same here.
pinkabella Premium
No my seems to be ok.
TopAchiever Premium
Yes, I've noticed it and was going to write a blog about it, but you beat me to it! Well done!

May I caution you to refrain from using disguised undesirable language in your blogs. It is unprofessional, and there are under aged children who use this platform.
seesy62 Premium
I'll take the 45, lol
MHainsworth Premium
Yes I was wondering if there was a glitch because I'm suddenly in the top 200, but what makes it suspicious is that from the top 25 downwards everyone supposedly dropped 12 points! However it is consistent on profile and rank number for me (just not the right number lol)
JSakanee Premium
Yeah, so it changed. Everybody's rank from 30 to 200 is at -12. LOL
WA's ranking is going nuts right now for me.
JewelCarol Premium
From rank 30 onwards, it is funny that there is a minus point 12 on every member down up to the rest of top 200, surely a WA rank glitch, lol. :))
Loes Premium
Here you are on 56 :)!!

Mine is quite steady
sherlock77 Premium
There is often a delay between the rank on your profile page and the rank displayed on the page rank page. The profile rank seems to update hours earlier than the rest of the site.