Holy Moly Ranking Fast!

Last Update: Apr 29, 2016


After a huge site revamp about a month ago to focus on a nice for my main website I am ranking for and getting clicks for the keyword "how to start a blog"!

And it's super competitive. Thank you everyone for helping out with the comments and freeback!

My main site was always just a dumping ground for whatever I wanted to talk about. I have other sites that are focused on a niche and I chose to jump in the deep end with my main site and focus on something I know a lot about and that I am passionate. Having the right niche for you is important! -> https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jrswab/blog/focused-niches-make-monumental-differences

Recent Comments


Well done, amazing what a good title can do. Best of luck with your niche!

Thanks bettinaG1

Glad to hear it! Your Step-By-Step Guide on building a blog is awesome! It doesn't surprise me that it's gaining traffic!

Keep it up!

Thanks Eric! I am always trying to make it better as well. It was wrote 3 years ago before i made it my site niche. I have been going over each post and updating them. I often feel like I could make them better so if feels good to hear you say that!

That's what it's about man! Consistent content and refining your website! That and beating out the competition ;)

Congrats Jaron! That's so awesome :)

It sure is Cathy! Really helped to boost my motivation as well!

I bet! You're doing great :)

Fantastic Stuff.I am thrilled for you

Thanks Roopesh!

It certainly is important good work


updated post

terrific! way to go

thanks KJ!

Congratulation. You are doing great. Keep it up.

Thanks a bunch! I now understand even more why focusing on a niche is important.

Awesome Jaron, congrats on your rankings. You are doing awesome and good to hear your revamp worked out to your benefit!

Thanks Kyle! Gives a lot of motivation to keep working hard in my overcrowded niche.

Good job. I imagine that is a highly competitive niche.congratulations. gives me motivation and hope

Thanks! It is; it says my average spot for the past 7 days has been about 6 which is better than I could have imagined. However, i have not seen this in my own results but time will tell!

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