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Hi everyone! My name is CathyLou. I've been a member of WA for a few years now, though I haven't been heavily working on IM that whole time... Life has a way of being quite distracting and a lot has been happening.

I had a baby boy last August! :) Very exciting! (and tiring and draining and totally amazing). I also moved jobs again from my boring public service job to one in which I was completely run off my feet trying to keep up with a colossal (read, impossible) workload.

I'm beginning my IM journey again in the hopes that I won't have to return to either of those jobs when my maternity leave finishes up. I'm lucky that I am able to access almost a year off with at least a little bit of pay, but the time is looming that I will be on unpaid leave and will need to decide whether to return.
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If you need any help just send me a PM.
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welcome and hello to you and your little freind!,we are a great community of folks here where you will receive much support-i have an amer. staff. terr.- brandy!
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Welcome to WA!
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Welcome to WA
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Welcome to the WA family